name on my run gear!

i want to have my name printed on my run gear. does anyone know of a place online that does this to send it to? or does anyone on RW have the means of doing this, i am willing to pay postage and costs if anyone canimage


  • Don't know about online but if you've a Decathlon near you they'll do it.  And they're really very reasonable too.  The last top I took in cost me £3
  • thanks ultra, not sure if there is a Decathlon near me but will check -thanks!!image
  • ok,just had a look-no decathlon near me!! surrey is closest-too far!!!image  loulabell needs more help please...
  • There are quite a few places that will do that for you - there was a recent post in the general running section asking the same thing.

    I've had tops printed by Tinwolf - though the printing is reflective for night time use, maybe not what you want. try your local Tshirt printers, most towns seem to have one these days.

  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭
    I've used versatilesports ( to get vests etc done for races - don't know if they print on your own stuff - don't see why not. Pretty cheap and fast service.
  • bondaweb...print your name out in a chunky font, trace it backwards onto bondaweb, cut out leaving a half cm border. Iron onto your "name" fabric, cut out again right on the line. Peel off the backing, iron onto your T shirt. Use a pressing cloth and a dry iron.

    Seemples. image

  • Hobbycraft sells iron on letters so you can do your own in a matter of minutes.
  • ...or you could carve your name in the back of your head with clippers, couldn't you KI? image

    I'm not allowed in hobbbycraft. image

  • Kwilter - how does bondaweb stand up to washing?

    and what about longevity?

    Does it start to peel?

    Just curious as it seems quite a good idea - though worried about the extra weight of the fabric - have you used it much with tech fabrics or fabrics with holes in?

    I do like complete control over the process.

    I really must get back into screen printing.

  • Thats true Kwitter - you could.......image
  • To be honest, when I bondawebbed my name on my vest, I went over it with a sewing machine just to make sure.

    I've done some hot pads for in my kitchen with bondaweb though, and missed a couple of bits out for over sewing. It's held up fine to repeated washing at 30-40*, and hasn't peeled at all. That's 100% cotton though, not tech fabric.

    I used cotton scraps on my vest, and it's fine.

    Never tried screen printing, but between quilting, knitting, cross stitch, scrap booking and spinning, I think Rattler would divorce me if I came home with another new craft to try.

  • Kwilter, were't you on Blue Peter?!!  image
  • was just thinking that same thing!!!! whe  are you doing the coat hanger advent crown then?  image hun, im good with nails , hair , make-up - and tablets..... but sewing?...mmm not my forte. i too wondered about the iron on stuff peeling off pretty quick as its a  top i wear a lotimage
  • KI there is a hobbycraft just down the road from me , but i always go to the shop next door instead- designer handbags..oopsimage....maybe i should take a hobbycraft  i mean!!
  • Thanks Kwilter for the info and PS + Loulabell for the laughs.

    Maybe just get a fabric pen and write your name on the top.

  • I did mine with fabric paint (I got the one the puffs up when you iron it) is machine washable and comes in lots of different colours. Only problem was it didn't look quite as neat as other peoples who got it printed properly.
  • I did get some iron on letters from Ebay and ironed on my name prior to the Paris Marathon this year.  Although I don't wear the top that much now (sponsorship vest) the name stayed on and doesn't show any signs of coming off!! 
  • SPINNING?!!!!image good god woman hold it there, i  only just grasped the iron on letter thingy!!    um , i think i may check out the iron on letters , but if i put them acroos my shorts on the bum part it may look a tad strange if LOU drops off and im running on along with 'labell' printed across me bum!   people may drive past me on the road thinking im a spanish or have my shorts on inside outimage
  • loulabell wrote (see)
    , but if i put them acroos my shorts on the bum part it may look a tad strange if LOU drops off and im running on along with 'labell' printed across me bum!  

    My shorts have my Club-name across the 'rear' (& down the legs)...... but, that is the cycling shorts (and the Skin-Suit, & Bib-Tights)

     ** 'FastTrax' in Ilkley (West Yorkshire) offer one-off designs, on a range of clothing

    At the minute, I'm looking into getting a training/after-race jacket embroidered up in the same font (& close as possible colours) to the running-club vest design.

    'FastTrax' provide our vests, so I'm awaiting a reply from them

  • I got my new race tee at Nike ID... admittedly you're limited as to what you can do with it but as all I wanted was CazSoul on the front & back then jobs a good un.   I was wearing a Nike Livestrong tee for races before, but it's starting to look a bit scruffy now and not as yellow as it used to be... image
  • well. i say shorts, they are hotpants.image
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