Ow! Yet another knee injury!

Morning all, was stopped in my tracks this morning just 2 minutes into my long run by knee pain. It got to the point where i could not go any further very quickly. I have been getting problems for a while which i have managed okay until now. Its also started clicking and you can see movement in the knee with each click. (this may have been evident before and one of those things you only notice when things go wrong but thought i'd mention it).

A brief history...

2008 - start running

October 2008 - first knee injury - sharp pain in knee cap when setting off, pain disappears after a few strides. Comes back each time i stop to walk/open gate or whatever. Pain goes again after a few strides.

January 2009 - calf injury - same leg (left) - see physio and she notices left ankle rolling in badly from old football injury (badly sprained ankle, torn ankle ligaments), advises seeing podiatrist if i want to continue running.

February 2009 - see podiatrist, get custom made orthotics. After initial uncomfortable transition orthotics become my favourite thing in the world!

September 2009 - hamstring injury (playing football, silly boy!) - out for 3 months

January 2010 - get back into running (and football, when will i learn?) - achilles injury stops me again just when i am getting really fit again.

August 2010 - after 2 failed attempts at running return, finally seem to have knocked achilles problems on head. Tell physio about knee pain returning and doing approx 500 stretches a day (ffs!).

October 2010 - Things looking really good now, running 3 times a week, cycling to work each day, lost a stone and entered my first race (november) for over a year. Seen doctor about knee pain behind knee. More of an ache than anything but still getting sharp twinges occasionally in front of knee on initial start up and after walk breaks. Doc says its tendons behind knee but after ankle problems makes appointment for me to see specialist at foot and ankle department. Hoping ankle is affecting knee, hamstring, back etc so will start from bottom and work up. Maybe otrthotics need an adjustment.

Sunday 17 October - just 2 minutes into long run knee is so painful i have to stop! It now clicks on straightening and kneecap also moves with click. Every step is painful and after 5 minutes walking/jogging i knock run on head and now sit typing this and icing knee....

Anyone else suffered anything like this (i suppose plenty will have) but any advice is welcomed. I obviously won't run for a couple of days and see how the knee is. Its been giving me little niggles for years but not stopped me and all three physios i have seen didn't seem too worried about it, although last time he did say there was a little grinding going on in there. I'm worried i have really aggrivated something this time.

After making a comeback, which seemed to be successful i am now really pissed off.......


  • I think you need to see a sports physio.

    Sounds to me like an extreme ITB issue, or tracking of the knee cap due to imbalances muscles. they can give you excercises to balance it out.

    What usually happens ios a weakness in the core muscles affect hip, which affects knee, which affects ankle, and not the other way round - your orthotics may be causing more problems han they are fixing....

    Just a thought - and please accept my sympathy - its horrible being injured.

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