Beware, possible Lego scam

No 2 Child found a website that supposedly sells Lego sets - he was after some of the early Harry Potter ones.  We checked the site out and it seemed OK and the prices were what you'd expect for Lego.  We placed the order, only to receive the manuals and not the sets.  I contacted the company and complained, they advised us to return the manuals and said they'd then refund the money.  The manuals have been with them for 10 days, but no refund so far. 

Browsing the interweb, I see that there are a lot of people out there who have had the same experience as we have and are also waiting for refunds.  I see that the company has also made some amendments to the wording on the website - fair enough - but I'd like my money back.  They promised me that it would be refunded with 48 hours of the manuals being returned, but I'm still waiting.

With Christmas looming and Santa's Little Helpers having to work hard to find the right present, I'd hate to think of anyone being disappointed on Christmas Day.

Be warned!


  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    If someone is deliberately conning kids of out their pocket money that really is nasty!
  • kittenkat wrote (see)
     Did other peple mention this site directly?


    All comments posted after we'd bought the "sets" and from people in UK and USA, all posting of the same experience, they'd received manuals not lego sets, returned the  manuals awaiting refund, but no refunds received.

    Unfortunately, we're not a one-off.  I've no idea whether forumites would be bothered about this, I just don't want anyone to be ripped off when I know that it's not as genuine as it seems.

  • whats kids got to do with it, anyone who is deliberately conning another person is nasty no matter what their age. 

    Personally speaking I would not purchase anything from a retailer who uses a free webhost which can be signed up to in minutes and uses a free yahoo email address as an administrive contact email on the domain registration. They have provided minimal information which can help locate themand this would ring alrm bells for me.
    The domain administrator is the person listed below, perhaps you could try them and see if they can assist in resolving the issue.

    It could simply be a misunderstanding.

    Christina Martinez
    1822 Villines Ave
    San Jacinto

    If you do not get any joy perhaps try contacting the operatives of the checkout gateway you used such as google checkout or similar to see if they can assist, or perhaps the free host to see if they have alternative contact details or will close the site until the issue is resolved to prevent others experiencing the same thing

  • Thanks for that Squeakz, I'm normally extremely cautious re websites and don't like buying anything if there's anything that I'm not happy about.

    I had thought that I'd checked it all out and it was safe, but obviously not.

    Whether we (for which read "I") get our/my money back is a moot point, like I said, it's just a case of warning others.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    If you paid by credit card, alert the credit card company to this.  Although your purchase might be under the £100 limit for actually claiming it back, they will have details of who the people are.  Generally they take a dim view of this kind of thing, and can revoke thier agreement.
  • Was just scammed by an alleged LEGO online store. BEWARE... they sent us fake LEGO certification and when we sent payments via Western Union, they suddenly became unreachable by phone... the weird thing is, they are still online and advertising their products... We only learned that these were fake LEGO certification after contacting LEGO company itself... We were naive to believe so easily...

    their company name is TechAir Limited with the following information:

    Company's Name - TECHAIR LIMITED
    Registered No 03962338
    Registered Address: 1st Floor, 14-16 Powis Street, London, SE18 6LF, United Kingdom
    Tel. No.: +447045746067, +447045725834

    the contact person is using the name and email ... Omar Ulrich <>

    how do we stop these people from fooling others?

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