x country spikes for over pronater

Can anyonereccomend a x country spike for a heavy overpronater. all advice welcome. thank you


  • I doubt such a thing exists.
    A bit like a motion control fell shoe - your foot's going to be landing all over the place which pretty much negates any percieved usefulness of a motion control shoe in the first place
  • Because you're racing and because there's relatively little cushioning in XC spikes, you'll naturally land more on your forefoot (where the grip is as well) so you'll not overpronate in the same way (if at all).

    If you're running slowly (!) and heel striking (and therefore overpronating), then there's not  much point wearing a XC spike.

  • Don't think they exist. The ground is softer anyway, and like Ian says, your foot will be all over the place anyway.

    Whilst I agree with most of what Waylon says, I think there is still a point to wearing a XC spike if you heel strike. Although your heel will still slip on landing, and this could esp be a problem descending, the spikes will still give you a far better grip on toe off.
  • Agree with the posters above.  The only thing I could suggest is a trail shoe rather than a spike - I use Asics Trabuco's on light trails but not for x-country - not enough grip.  For x-country I use In0v8's - not spikes.  The terrain negates the need for support.  If you were seriously worried you could go the orthotic route but I don't use my orthotics in xcountry shoes.
  • As above. Most spikes have very little heel, so there's nowhere to put any motion control anyway.
  • If it's true cross country - all off-road & proper muddy, I wouldn't use fell shoes. Even though the grip is pretty good, nothing comes remotely close to the grip you get from spikes.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I'm a mild overpronator but still heel strike to some extent in XC.  (I've seen the photographs!)  In terms of spikes the best you can do is get a pair that have a little more cushioning than others, and I can recommend the Brooks Mach.  (I've got the Mach 11 but they're recently brought out the Mach 12.)  They're also a little wider than most other spikes I've tried on, so fairly stable.

    If you're really heel striking it might be worth considering using trail shoes instead, which will have a more substantial heel.  Don't know anything about those though.

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