Prevent spending cuts

I had a thought today.  This whole recession thing, with the associated government spending cuts.  Well, I've come up with an idea that could put the whole economy right with the agreement of the majority.  What do you think?.................

1)  Put up taxes, say income tax for a start.  However much is needed to fill the spending gap, whack 'em up.  Equally across the board so no income group feels better or worse.

2)  Allocate an idividual number to every pound that an individual pays into the tax coffers

3)  At the end of the year draw 25 numbers out of a hat (we could get a computer todo this bit) and give 25 lucky taxpayers £1 million.

 4)  That's it!  It really is as simple as that.  Obviously we could play around with the prize money, ie. 50 x £500,000 or 5 x £5million etc, but it is a great incentive to contribute more towards the running of the country.

 And let's face it the biweekly pilot scheme seems to be working!

See you outside number 11!


  • ermm... isnt that called a Premium Bond?
  • So we all have no money apart from those who win.imageYeah you would make a good Chancellor, is your name Mr Brown?

  • ....  Osborne I'd say.

    In fact the clueless halfwit would probably jump at that

  • Would not the cost of administering this poutweight any benefit to society??
  • No,no, no.  We just increase the "tax" to cover all national costs.  And set the "prize" money at a realistic amount / probability of winning to provide the extra incentive.  Everyone has a price image
  • image

    well sounds no dafter than present strategy of all cuts and then keeping the system that caused the problem-lolimage

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Or they could tax us all at 100%, then just give us the things they think we need, like a house, schooling, basic health care, food to keep us alive but not get fat, warm clothes, and an annual holiday to converted holiday parks.

    Then there would be lots of money to run government and keep the economy going.

    Simple. image  

    Can I patent my idea (or has someone tried it before?...............................)

  • Were you wearing a hologram band when you came up with this idea?
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭

    How about National denial.

    "What money?...we don't owe any could we possibly owe you money.....WE'RE NOT LISTENING.....LA LA LA LA LA LE LA LE LA LA."


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