Brooks Serpentine New Year's Day 10K

Who else is running this one?


  • I'm in image ... and TracyB of course

    Definately my favourite 10k of the year and a great way to start the year. Fourth time for me. Pb'd last time so looking a repeat performance in 2011 image

    Unfortunately my best efforts to secure numbers 1&2 for TracyB and myself were thwarted this year due to technical errors, ie my works flakey internet connection, but luckily TracyB was also entering at exactly the same time as me so it's 2&3 or 3&4 for us image ... of course if my entries hadn't failed we would've had four places but that's another story image

    Have you run it before Helelgant?

  • or 2 and 4....

    Hi Helegant, think I've seen you on Brighton Mara 2011 thread. We're in that too image

  • Ah yes, we are.

    I'm returning to running after two years of injury-fraught lay-off, and still with dodgy knees. However, nothing ventured...

    This was my first ever race, in 2003. I would have got number 5 except that I too had a flaky connection. Hopefully I'm still in single figures.

  • Wonder where no.1 is.....

    2 years! gosh that must have been some injury. How did you cope? Have dodgy knees too. I was told last December 'you can forget about doing Brighton Marathon (2010), by a physio! and I did it!

  • Lots of well-wisher medical types have told me many times why I shouldn't run. They have good reasons for what they say. I have a better reason for running. Sadly they are often right but I keep trying.
  • I just registred, so I'll be in as well! First time for me... Can anyone tell me a bit more about it? RW says there are no reviews for this race..?
  • Hi Lorenzo,

    Did it first time last year - can tell you it was bl00dy freezing! Got a nice fleece hat. I did it badly as knee injury and ended up I had chest infection.

    Have you checked the website:

    OH (gmike) did it the year before too and keeps going back. Was odd the first NYE going to bed as soon as it's midnight and not partying! This race certainly blew the cobwebs away and a great way to see NYD in!

    Seriously, make sure you're well wrapped up as walking from the car park, and hanging around for the race, you need as many layers as you can wear!

  • Lorenzo - This is a great race and good start to the the New Year. Have done this race 3 times. Often do the Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5k and there races are always well organised.

    TracyB & gmike - Still not entered as thinking do I really want to get up early to catch the train to London and freeze my bits off.

  • Have just entered before it fills up.
  • No reviews? Weird. It's a very popular race, a good course, and friendly marshals. Can be chilly before/afterwards.
  • Helegant - Is your daughter going to do it?
  • imageLaughing at your do I really want to do it, just entered posts Tracey G image

  • TracyB -  The last  3 races have been freezing. Thou you do have this great feeling of knowing you have done your first run of the year image
  • Hi Everyone,

    All ready for tomorrow? So pleased it's thawed and currently isn't as freezing as last year! Perfect race weather. Got a cough for Christmas. Fortunately doc said last night my chest/lungs are clear so has given me anti-histamines and an inhaler!! Seems to be working though.

    Praying for a sub-60 but with dodgy weather, training hasn't been speedy.

    Good Luck everyone image Happy racing!

  • TracyB - Am praying for a sub-60 too as am not too speedy at the moment. This this my pb course set in 2009 as only done one since then pacing a friend round Billericay 10k. No chance of beating 55:56 image
  • Help! imageI can't remember whether they sent out numbers for this (and I've lost it )or whether we pick them up at registration. Anyone?
  • helly d - you have to print out your confirmation email and take that with you to registration to pick up your number and chip image Panic over image
  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭
    Tracey - thank you, saves me getting up extra early to start searching for it. (I'm just home late a the moment).
  • Aaaaarrrggghh gun time 1:04... waiting for official chip time to lose 5 seconds!!
  • The results are up.

    Did you lose those 5secs?

  • Hiya, I looked out for you but didn't see you. I started the race with TraceyG.

    The results are up yes, but they are gun time. I'm waiting for Chip time as in it took me a few seconds to get to the start mat....

  • Sorry, I hadn't realised that was gun time not chip time. Said hello to TraceyG and a few others then moved further back as I knew I'd be slower.

    My gun time is 01:13:11, but my best ever WAVA%, so I'm pleased so far.

  • S'ok, I never understood the difference seconds can make until I trained for sub-60! So... hopefully my chip time, as I didn't start at the front, will be at least 59.59! Garmin read 59.43 so there's some hope.

    I usually start at the back, but have a bit more confidence nowadays, since joining a club really, and find if I'm in the middle, I try harder/race against others.

    Well done with you WAVA!

  • Helegant - I was lovely to meet you finally. I got a text to my mobile with my results, time 1:02:28 but my Garmin time was 1:02:04.

    TracyB - I struggled today, must do 400m intervals again as that was what got me my pb. You did brilliant. How did gmike do?

  • Have been on the Fetch Serpentine 10k event thread and there seems to be a 23 added to runner finish time.
  • Hi Tracey, nice to see you again. Mike got 39:05, was trying for sub39. Not sure there's time added to be honest... suspect it's the difference between the gun and the chip time.

    BTW, a Serpie at the registration tent pointed out that she's been on here (Hi!), and noticed we were trying for numbers 1, 2, etc. Did you know they are alphabetical?! So I was 64 or something, and Mike was 226. Next year.. I so have this covered image

    Well organised as usual, weather was much better than last year too - not due to the organisers tho image momento mug useful, nice medal, results up quickly (gun time results anyway!). Def doing it again next year.

  • Tracy - there was a runner at the coffee shop near the finish drinking coffee out of his new mug. His friend took a photo on his iphone image

  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭
    So Tracy B, you'll be registering as Tracy Aardvark then next year?image
  • OMG Helly.... the games is up! I suggested to the OH Tracy Abraham, and he said no Tracy Aardvark!!! Right.. am registering as Tracy AAAAAAAAAA image
  • Tracey - I could enter as Tracey AAAAAAAAAAA too. Only joking. How are your legs today, mine are heavy.
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