Brooks Serpentine New Year's Day 10K



  • oh I think Tracey with an e would come first too!

    Thighs a bit achey. Just back from Little Haven's Hospice Santa Fun Run 5k plus short warmup. Hard-going for thighs, off-road, slow recovery run. Nearly killed me!! image

  • I'll go out later - probably walking. The photos are up - very well done as always - shame about the subject image
  • Photos are great image I love the ones where I'm cursing the clock time!! image However, I wouldn't pay 6.99 for one pic!!
  • Hey Tacey G, I'm sure from your comments and your time that we exchanged a few words along the Serpentine near the finish. I recall you saying that this was your PB course. I'd been hoping for sub 60, but having had little opportunity to run during December, knew it would be unlikely, even though it was a fairly flat course.

    It's been a whole since I did sub 60. I sort of gave up near the mirror thing, as I could see that my time was too slow, and I walked for a bit - up to the point where the 2nd lap split off. Then I finished on my stopwatch at 61 minutes, and I don't know now if I hadn't walked if I would have made it. Probably not, as I needed a rest anyway!

  • TracyB - your chip to chip time was 59:41 image
  • TracyB - gmike time was 39:01image That is for the  .01
  • Hi, yes.. am well happy! and Mike still got a PB so still okay about it, he should have tried harder image

    Well Done everyone! See you next year image

  • I'm delighted with my time; much better than I expected. Roll on Brighton.
  • What mug?
  • Did you collect your mug on the way back to the baggage tent.
  • Lol - nope. Looks like I'M the mug!

     Happy New Year, everyone!!


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