Chilean miner who ran when trapped

Just watching the moving account of Edison Pena ('The Runner') one of the trapped Chilean miners. "Edison ran up to eight kilometres a day in the sweltering humidity of the mine. In a bid to improve his stamina, he took to towing a wooden crate behind him."

since he got out of the mine he hasn't stopped running...


  • How did he know he ran 8 k's. His Garmin would never have got a signal!!image
  • Lol! I'm sure he'll get pelters for his poor training schedule too.
  • Isn't running when trapped something we can all relate to? Okay much more extreme but we can all imagine what was going on in his head on some level
  • can definately relate to that Hashette. I also hate it now coz I cannot run or play out. Saved his mind it seems.
  • Flat Footed -  there were runners before Garmins and other modern techy gadgets you know! If he's a long-time runner he would know how long it takes him to run a given distance. Also, I bet there were lots of tools down there he could use to measure with. Many years ago I was into orienteering - one of the first things I learned was how to measure distance when cutting across country on a compass bearing. After a while you just "know" how far you've gone. I've been running for 50 years now - I always know what pace I'm running and thus how far I've gone, it's ingrained knowledge.
  • Wolf - I'd guess FF was joking.

  • LN - yes of course he/she was - that's why the emoticon! 


    (thinks "if only we had voice mail")

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