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I can train like a looney for 9 months for ironman and as soon as I take the foot off the gas for a bit of a rest I pick up an injury or get ill since Outlaw I have had a nasty colitis flare up and now my hamstring has gone tits upimage it seems to happen one way or another every year, I am stumped how I did my hammy just woke up with it one morning image whilst having a real lazy week, any body else get this or struggling at the moment?

share your woes and feel free to have a good old moan!


  • KK its suprising how common it is I am not to bad but it still knocks me for six a couple of times a year my mate has chronic problems with it and ends up in hospital every now and then so I count myself lucky reallyimage
  • KK when I first got it I thought it was the big C which runs in my family, bleeding downstairs, stomach cramps, massive weight loss, etc, etc didnt get a proper nights sleep for over a year with night cramps it was quiete a releief when I was diagnosed UC after a year it calmed down significantly and has never been as bad as that first year fingers crossedimage if this is the worse thing I get ill settle for thatimage
  • KK The way I look at it if I casn keep doing IM that'll do for meimage

     Right enough of me and KKs miseryimage imagewho else is crocked and why do I get crocked every year when I start to take it easy limpping like a limpy thing todayimage need to go and see my physio soonest

  • Awww, hope you feel better soon, RBM.

    The vit was my main event for the year, so I thought I'd take it easy for a couple of weeks after then get back into things to try and maintain fitness as planning on doing Outlaw as first IM next year.  Sure enough after 2 weeks taking it steady came down with stinking cold, really unlike me to be off work (and definately not for a cold)  but totally floored me.  Still feel like I've got gunky lungs (or maybe I should accept everyone was faster biking last night?!). 

    Now I'm getting grumpy that I'm loosing base fitness & have foot surgery a week today so will be off it completely (not evern swimming!  In fact it appears I have to sit with my foot elevated for 70% of the day image  I am going to go seriously nuts)  for a couple of weeks, then have to build up very slowly.  It's pretty much only going to give me 7 months to train..... wibble....

  • BM Becky I am starting a mega core work plan while I am crocked lots of planks, situps, swiss ball stuff whilst I am letting my leg recover perhaps you could attack that?
  • I'll only be able to do plank on knees (or one legged), as not good position for foot... but my pilates insturctor is also soft tissue therapist and knows my weaknesses (wonky pelvis,weak glutes, inflexible lower back), so has kindly said she'll put me together a floor based, foot friendly program image 

    I've also found a 5K santa dash 6.5 weeks post op image  podiatrist & surgeon think 5k should be ok by then, so as long as I accept it as a fun run in a santa suit should give me a target to keep me going!

    Hope the physio sorts your leg!

  • Hip / Piriformis injury when running back in April.  Have tried physio, massage, anti-inflammatories.... Comes and goes.  Went for a massage yesterday in the hope of settling it down.  Flared up again, unable to sleep, chronic pain - woe is me !! Very fed up as had planned to go running with a friend this morning.  can barely walk, let alone run.  Lost so much base fitness and mojo with it.  Off to drs for some f***off painkillers !
  • FBP sometimes a good massage makes it worse for a few days before it settles down fingers crossed imageimageimage
  • I've always found that as soon as I have a lay-off from training or racing I get sick or injured. so nowadays I just cut back instead of stopping unless really badly injured.  I also have a chronic chlorine allergy that gives me cold-like symptoms throughout the winter until I can get back into outdoor swimming. I have some lower spine and left hip damage plus various aches and pains from previous injuries, notably the shoulder I fell on last winter. I have inherited high cholesterol from my family and my thyroid doesn't work properly - getting old sucks! But I still have 4 limbs that work probably way better than most people my age, I can see, I can hear, nothing wrong with my heart or CV system, and have every intention of continuing to train and race until I drop. My response to the ortho specialist who told me to quit running was "wrong answer, doc". Been running for just over 50 years, now how do you expect me to stop doing something that is part of my life, like eating,drinking, sleeping, etc. 
  •  I think you may have something there Ultra I had a 10 days of f when rough with UC then had another week off as I was busy fitting a kitchen and I go and pick up an injury as I get older I think my body likes to keep moving so I will attempt to cut back when I can rather than stop although not always possible with the UC as it can knock the stuffing out a bit image

    I was told to stop running and take up golf 20 years ago when I went to a fat drunken navy doc with a knee injury wonder if he is still around   lokked like he was going to have a heart attack any minuteimage I could not give this game up if I wanted to its a central pillar for my lifestyle one of my mates is 70 and still cracking out good times I want to be there doing thatimageimage

  • I am very lucky. Would be shocking to moan after listening to the horrors of UC and all its attendant glories. And poor Becky... isn't that the second time you've been seriously laid up this year? 

    I'm just a bit creaky here and there because I'm old but am sure that training for Roth this year had me in better nick than for ages - with fewer niggles, so I ain't stopping!

    Wish all the crocks better. x  

    PS - great idea to get core going if you can't run etc. 

  • had a month going very easy

    I've just started getting back to doing regular things..... no injuries but boy it feels hard work.
    And I am not hammering it or doing silly distance, just 3-4 10ks a week...
  • well, I have had a good weekend got a couple of good bike rides in, wonderfull cold bright  autumn morning out on the fixed felt really strong forthe first time in ages lots of hills enjoyed it so much ended up out for 2 1/2 hoursimage no twingy hamstring soI will try a nice easy lunchtime run tomorrow finger crossedimageimageimageimageimageimage
  • Was that you I saw at Bolventor. Didn't get a proper look as I would have stopped for a chat, Sorry if i seemed rude.

     Glad to see your out & about though.

  • The Germans have a very apt saying - "wer rastet, rostet", translated it means "who rests, rusts". Certainly true in my case.
  • CD probably the sun was in my eyes and I couldnt see a thing I was out at 8 taking it nice n easy got to Bolventor 10 ish, I will start getting some organised sunday rides going again now I am feeling better

    No twinges at all today and feeling really sharp gonna test the hammy with a 40 min run at lunchtime, whispers "start saving up for IM Wales entry???"imageimage

  • Temptation growing too strong is it, and there was me thinking you said you were taking a year off from IM

  • Cornish Digger wrote (see)

    Temptation growing too strong is it, and there was me thinking you said you were taking a year off from IM

    There was me thinking that too and then they dream up IM Wales imageimage
  • Bought a new pair of trainers from sweatshop, they measured my feet and tested my gait on the treddy.image

     Went for a few runs in them finished up with 2 black big toe nails, i'm having to stick em down with plasters , waiting for appointment to have them taken off. So will hae to suffer a bit on my runs for now.image

    Just got a problem with an ache on the inside of my knees  any ideas.image

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