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I am an indulgent eater and a grazing eater - Mrs Piggyimage


  • No more feckin lists please you mad mad woman
  • I have a friend who is a Food Paedo - he never waits until the food is properly cooked before munching down.
  • Moraghan .....      image

  • Its necessary to keep me alive and kicking............ thats it.
  • "A Swedish study found that creatures of habit who eat regular meals lower their risk of diabetes and heart disease."


    I new my daily fry-up was doing me good. 

  • Taking the thread off on a tangent;

    Picture this; you're in a doctor's surgery and he had the reason why you've been so ill recently is because of XXXX and ou can no longer eat / drinkl XXXXX.  XXXXX is your absolute favourite thing to consume.

    So, my questions are: a) what is your absolute favourite thing to consume and b) if you couldn't have it any more, just how miserable would you be?

    I've been inspired to ask after standing next to a girl in Waitrose today who claimed she "couldn't" eat most of their sandwiches, because they contained too many calories. I think she's a bit confused by the difference between 'couldn't' and 'wouldn't'

  • You frighten people full stop!
  • and WTF is a Ferrero Rachia !
  • I can confirm she does work, she's the all mighty spam controller, haven't you noticed she always know when spam is posted on here - Why because she controls the spam posters.

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  • I don't like spam and can not eat it. image

    AllnewTB - my fav food... hmm - hard one, apples I guess. If I couldn't eat apples, well thats half my garden gone to waste. image 

    There's no food that I can't live without, though quite a few foods I'd miss.

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  • Hi I gave up smoking in Feb this year (2010) and put on two stone going from 13 to 15 I am a man and as I look in the mirror hate my fat stomach.

    I joined a running club in Aug 2010 and started running I feel better running and have done a couple of races I have tried to chage my diet but seem to always come across diets that want me to eat things I don't like for starts I hate FISH it actually makes me feel sick just to see it in the supermarket, I want to start losing weight and get down to 11 ish stone.

     I have started to run 6 miles a day in under an hour and find it hard as I work nights. seven nights at work and seven off. during my seven off I can run but during my seven on I can't and feel I am going backwards.

     Help, Please

  • mmm food personality....... why save for tomorrow what you can eat today!!

     BM3 'they say' (diets)  allot of things, but why force yourself to follow an eating plan that you just wont stick to? i work nights & it works for me to have my 3 meals in reverse starting with my main meal 1st then lunch then breakfast i use my break at work to go for a run which is sometimes as late as 12a.m but I'm in  safe surroundings, I'm no saint but portion control is key & I'm no expert but if you look up a GI eating plan it is a sensible way to eat less but stay fuller for longer which is a bonus when  exercising.  Could you run at work?  or run less mileage on your week of nights  say every other day going out for 3 or 4 miles so its building up your base miles & at least your getting out every other day & on your week off introduce one long run that increases every wk by a 1/2m?  Don't lose hope if you want to run you'll find a way good luck

  • Curry, Lasagnes, Fajitas, Chocolate, Cakes, Puddings, Biscuits, Chessecake...mmmm

     I used to indulge everyday, which started at Uni. But find now Im back in to racing I run better when allowing a few treats at the weekend and keeping to a strict healthy regime during the week in the lead up to races.

     (In Theory...!!!)

  • stew - feck offf


  • I had a friend at school who was allergic to chocolate.  Now THAT would depress the f### outta me!

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  • A, state the bleeding obvious article.
  • I mix homemade frozen coffees at home I have two every morning with stevia as the primary sweetener and 2 teaspoons of sugar for the rest. I can't live without my coffee!! Nevah!

  • i myself would be the grazing eaterhi
  • I'm a grazer and love chocolate and full-fat coke. Sadly, I was diagnosed as diabetic in January last year and had to quit both! How did I feel? Depressed!!! I've had diet coke since then but when I'm depressed, I can't resist the chocolate!!! Bad I know!!image
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