Over 80's training

As an 82 yr old I find one good run a week is ideal; rest of time needed for recovery - which includes plenty of hilly walking & the odd bit of jogging.  To do more tends to lead to niggling injuries, despite best efforts at stretching etc My best 10k time is around 55m for a flat course & up to 60m for a reallt tough one.   Anyone of same vintage oput there with ideas?



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    Hello John

    Welcome to the forum

    Pop along to the over 60s thread while i don't know how many over 80s frequent  runners World there are a few 70 year olds  that  visit this one and can advice

    I'm a bit younger so can't really advice much. 55 mins is good for a 10km

    Have you been running long?

  • Can I just say that I'm d*mned impressed that you're doing 55 minute 10Ks. I can only hope to be as active when I'm your age.


  • Thanks for yours. My training routine is to do one 'long', i. e. up to about 7m, once a week, wwith perhaps the odd little jog inbetween + quite a bit of short hilly walking.   After each run  and some stretching, II sit in a couple of ins of cold water for 5m which seems to ease the inevitable musclular niggles. Nothing I've read really seems to address the needs of my age group which is why I'd welcome comment.


  • I think when you get to your age group John you can pretty much write your own rules, what works for one may not work for another. How long have you been running?

    I must say you should be proud of yourself, relatively few people your age spend their time running and a lot of people your age wouldn't be fit enough to even try. There's also a large amount of fat lazy people in this country and most of them do not have the excuse of old age to fallback on. 55min is a good 10k time so I'd say you must be doing something right image

    Welcome to the forum and I hope you can share your experiences with us.

  • Thanks Rob for your encouragement - it's appreciated!


  • Since my last notes I've been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation which stopped me running for a while. Dr sent me to cardiologist who prescribed warfarin for life & cardioversion - e/l shock which might restore normal heart beat. But, with GP's agreement have got running again & can do up to 7m at conv'l pace; can manage 5&10k's taking about twice the timw of the winner!  Am 84 in 2 weeks time.



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