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  • FL - I'll be finding my own way to London with the missus and my daughter. Probably drive down early Saturday morning, and drive back Sunday late afternoon.

    "No running" - you'll be slowing down, there's still time - go on, get out there! 

    Speedwork session for me tonight. 

  • Fl,thanks buddy, was a close call with the fire, well sort out s time for you to measure up etc as we discussed. Sorry you did not get out tonight , I finished at 7ish. Me and Ff are doing a tempo Thursday, are you coming, depends on time though.

    Ff, what session did you do tonight? Cross training day for me tomorrow.
  • Bryn, will get over on the weekend? remind me ok.
  • ill try to not be sleeping this time
  • Bryn - Did 4 x 800 and 4 x 400 and about 3 or 4 miles on top for warming up/down.

    Hills tonight.

    I think I've got an ear infection. image

    What have you been up to in your house?

  • Nothing, but my next door neighbours house burned down the other day and nearly took mine with it!

    Sounds like you had a good session yesterday, look forward sat run , should be good.
  • Weather is looking very bad for the weekend!!!!
  • And then some 56k wind on sat and 40k on Sunday. 56k is not conducive to running, It's a slight gale, mix that with light rain and it equals a real fight with the elements. That said I may do my long run on Sunday now.

    Ff, great run today. I need to fix my lungs so i can hold the faster stuf

    Fl, how was your run?
  • Bryn - you seemed like you were holding on OK to me! Same punishment next week hopefully.....

    The long run could be nasty with the weather, is there a plan for the Sunday run yet anyway?

  • Did the loop with the club tonight. Had a great run and a PB for the loop 30:59 avg 5:57 pace for the 5.20mileimage Got just under 10 mile in total.

    No plans for Sunday run just yet. Thought that as NST is back we could let him pick a route?

  • Well done Fl, sounds like you had.a good one.
  • FL, just checked the weather, wind is not as bad tomorrow
  • 10 mile today and it was very hard work!. FF, could really do without racing tomorrow pleaseimageimage. Can we have an easy ish one?
  • FL - Easy? I know you don't mean it though......
  • Easy ish to Ff now means 630 pace probably ... have a good one guys. I hope to join you soon.

    Are you guys up for brecon xc next week? I'm going to do my 14 miler in the week. Did I mention that I've taken this week off work? Hopefully baby will make an appearance soon, this anticipation is killing me image
  • Bryn, did want to do the XC but we have Tregaron half on the Sunday. Its the club presentation on Saturday night as well.
  • Here's a record for you to go for......

    Marathon Record

    FL - See you later.

  • Hows the weather down there mate?
  • Hats off to him mate, thats some day jobimage.
  • wet and windy....image
  • 19:51 miles - ave 6:30.

    I'd forgotten the steps at mile 16..image the 7 miles leading up that averaged was all downhill after that...image and NST took his usual position about 500 yards or more up in the front.

    FL - How did you get on? Sorry I didnt wait at the end, it was getting a bit cold.

    Bryn - how did your run go?

  • FF, home safe thanks mate. I eased up a few times for Stuart. He did really well. And he thought we were doing 18m the furthest he has gone so far is 13mimage kept telling him only 2 mile to goimageimage.

    I rounded it up to 20mile in 6:47 avg pace. But forgot to stop my watch again so did 28ft it 3minsimage.

    Found it a very hard run today mate. And am gutted after trying hard for the last 2 weeks to shift a bit of weight and get back under 11st I have lost bugger all and am still 11st8lbimage what the **** am I doing wrong?

  • I'd forgotten it was nearly 20 miles myself......I've never been so pleased to see a Lidls..

    They weren't easy running conditions, pretty windy in places. I nearly jumped back out the shower earlier as I seem to have worn a few holes in my skin. I did put vaseline on, but there's always the odd place you miss.

  • I have a lovely blister on my big toe!!! why do we do these things to ourselvesimage. Just came off the phone from NST, he said you pushed him hardimage Well done sir, your on top form of lateimage. Its an honour to be getting dragged around by you.
  • You've done Tregaron half haven't you? Whats it like? are you doing it next week with us?
  • excellent running chaps, FF, my run was far less adventurous, 10 miles sub 6 up afan argoed, i am missing the long runs with you guys. The only issue i have now is that the divide is really beginning to show, im comfortable running 14-15 miles at 6mm, but beyond that now...who knows?

    If there is a team at Tregaron next week you guys will definately do well, keep up the good work.image 

  • Pushing NST hard......not sure about that, he's got a turbo injection fitted somewhere - he glided past at the steps and nothing I could do about it except watch him disappear into the distance.

    Bryn - 10 miles sub 6 sounds good! It'd be good to see you on the long runs again......

    Re. Tregaron, I hope to go, if I can get a day pass from the missus. I'll have to be nice to her all week.....

  • FF, it will be good to have the three of us up there, even better if we had 4image
  • WA said he might be going I think?
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