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  • FF, hows them legs today mate?
  • FL - Legs, arms, stomach are all aching nicely thanks! The head hurt a bit as well, but I think that was the wine.

    I'm having a day off today.......I mentioned to the missus I might go for a run, but she didn't seem keen. image

    Just read on the Swansea link that the guy who came second in Snowdon was up at 7a.m. this morning and going for a run........!

    I'll be back training tomorrow...

    Looking forward to the S4C coverage tonight. If my ugly mug is shown, I hope I wasn't grimacing too much. To be honest I'm grateful they had a camera on Waunfawr because I was about to walk but spotted the camera in the distance and didn't want to be seen walking up the hill.

  • Good to hear your in pain mate, shows you put your all into itimage. Didn't watch the coverage last night as I went to see Burke and hare. Will watch it later.

    Think I'm finally on the mend from this cold! So looking to get me head down and into this 10k training planimage.

    Hope your feeling better today, rest up this week as we need you for the West Glams on Sunday.

  • Everything still aching like hell this morning.....image

    Glad to hear your cold is getting better, sounds like it was a nasty one. I've been taking vitamin C very day for the last couple of weeks, not sure if it makes a difference?!

    I'll go for a short run this evening to get the legs moving again.

    West Glams - urgh.......can't think about that at the moment.

    10k training plan - looking forward to it.

  • Well I did the first speedwork session of the 10k plan tonight. 5 x 2k's tried to hold them to 6:50 but failed miserably!!! did 6:50, 6:56, 7:16, 7:30, 7:19. did the first one and a half with FM then the other 3 on my own. Not too worried at the moment as I have just got over this cold, just hope I can get them together in the next few weeks.

    FF, how did your run go today?

  • Aye, it was ok - only did 7 miles, between 6:20 and 7:00 mile pace apart from one where I swallowed a fly and spent a while coughing and running. image I hate doing that, still I guess it's worse for the fly.

    Intervals on your own are difficult - it's too easy to fall back off the pace.

    Legs are still quite tight, but getting better - I'm still getting the stretching done a few times a day which have helped with the recovery.

    Do you know what the plan is for Aber - I assume it's still on? Are we car sharing? I know another good runner that might like to come up with us. Maybe we can convert him to PTH as well!

  • Do you ever run easy?image As for Aber its still on and NST said some thing about having a night up there after the race? would you be up for that? And yes it is definitely still onimage. Whos the other runner?
  • Owain Jones - Swansea harrier, did 3:02 in Snowdon. Nice guy.

    Yes, I ran very easy last night - was worried someone might ask me if I needed help crossing the road, my legs were that stiff!

    A night up there? Isn't it a Sunday night? Are you saying to stay in a hotel?

  • Yes stay some where in Aber on Sunday night. We have stayed in a tidy place by the cinema a few times and its about £17 only for the bed no food but clean and tidy, does the job. But not set in stone that we will stay the night. If not I will be taking my car and you will be welcome to get in with me.

    Not sure if I know Owain.

  • OK - we'll see what happens nearer the time, not sure if I can stay as I have to take a day's annual leave and I've only got a few left for Xmas....

  • morning all you speedstarsimage

    i will be doing the 10k so put my name down.

    and will try and get some training done with you lot soon did i bit with FL last night but had done 1/2 of my speedwork when i seen him.

    will be training on thurs with BRYN ans FL i think i will feel the pain

  • Morning FM, thanks for the kick start on the 2k's last night, It fell off fast after you went!!!! but it was the first session and lots of time to work on it yet.

    And I meant what I said about the paperwork being ready for you to sign mateimage

  • Bryn, thanks for the session tonight mate, just need to get used to the slower recovery bits as I always tend to push too hard!!!

    FF, how you keeping down there?

  • FL - good thanks.

    What intervals did you do? 

    Last night did 9 hilly miles at a quickish pace.

    Earlier I did 4 x 1 mile intervals at ave 5:31 - and a few miles on top to warm up / down. Thighs still a bit tight at the end of session because of marathon, but should all be gone by weekend.

    I'm going to keep the 1 mile intervals and on a different night, do some 400m intervals which should in time improve my 1 mile interval times?! I think.....?

  • We did 1m slow 1m fast-5:371m slow 1m fast-5:22 1mile slow then 2m fast-5:53 then slow home. 9m in total.

    Sounds like your recovering very well. Some good sessions being done.

  • 5:22 - Cracking pace! String 6 and a bit of those together and you'll have a good 10k!
  • Couldn't hold that for long at the moment mate, but working on it.
  • FL - Who's in the team tomorrow? It's going to be nice and muddy!
  • FF, at the moment its Yourself, me, Brynster, HWD. Not sure who else will be in, may just scrape a team together.
  • took me three pages, but found it
  • About time tooimage. Did the rest of your run go ok?

  • OK - more than 5 can be in a team but only the first 5 will score, but if we don't get 5 then any number up to that number will score. Hopefully we can get a full team though!
  • Yes, just hope we get 5image. What time you going down?

    NST, you coming to watch?

  • I'm going to get there early as parking is a nightmare........not sure what time I'll leave yet, what about you?

    Just had a large chocolate brownie and ice cream, that should add a few minutes to the run!

    NST - not running?

  • Leaving here about 11:30am ish. see you there.
  • Forgot about Alex, so we will have a teamimage
  • Excellent - see you there then!
  • Great race today lads. Well done and a very big well done to Brynster on his medalimage top stuff mate.
  • How we all doing out there? hope the training is going well.
  • Good tough hill session tonight.......image No steps though....image
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