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  • evening all. i am also recovering after the med hilly tempo on tues. image looking forward to the west glam next week, i want to get closer to mr harvey!!
  • Morning lads.

    Went for a leg rub off Pdiddy last night. Very good too.

    FF, you on the mend today?

    Bryn, you can stay with NST so Mat should be no problem for youimage

  • good run tonight guys.

     ff- did you have a good long run

    nst/fl - let me know how your tempo goes tomoorrow

  • Good run? I'm wrecked!!!
  • Yes Bryn, nice night out there tonight! Hows the flu?

  • Evening coach, you dried off yet?

    What tempo run tomorrow? I think I missed that part!

  • Obviously not trying hard enoughimage
  • fl/nst, did you go the whole hog and do 10?

    fl, looking at Steves plan its go 1hr f tomorrow? I am going to do a fast 7 on sat morning.

    i dried off eventually, im glad i invested in that industrial hair dryer last year.

  • Bryn, get them eyes tested mate. Steve's plan says rest tomorrowimage. Tonight was 1 hour fast. But I went easy on youimage No we didn't go to 10m just run for the hour.
  • Went for a run last night, but only did 11 miles - the weather made it too uncomfortable to go any further, felt like I had buckets on my feet.

    Who's doing what this weekend?

  • I'm racing Sunday (Pudding Run) - forecast is for torrential rain again I think! Great....

    I'm keen to do a long run though, so would do an early one tomorrow if anyone's interested - even though it's not the best race preparation! London is the main focus is supposed to be slightly better tomorrow as well??!

  • FF, I'm doing a fast ish 10m tomorrow and about 18 mile on Sunday.

    Good luck with the race.

    Yes weather was a little rough last night!

  • FL - You should do the 18 mile run tomorrow when the weather is going to be slightly better! You know it makes sense....image

  • FF, yes that does make sense but NST is having a rest day tomorrow and I'm booked in for 10 tomorrowimage.
  • booked in for 10 miles of pain!!! ha ha. FF, why dont you ditch the pudding, come with us tomorrow and go with FL on sunday? you can have a cracker next week at the west glam?image
  • I'll second that Mr Brynimage
  • mornings suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  image 
  • You picked the time!!!!!!!!!!image
  • Great run and even greater running by you mate. You flu past me! New it should have been 5 minsimage

    FF, good luck with the Bog snorkeling tomorrowimage. Have a great race mate. Hope your feeling better.

  • 18 miles done at a good pace.

    As a result not expecting a great result tomorrow......but should be fun anyway.

    Enjoy your long run, glad mine's out of the way now!

  • FF, have a good one.
  •  FL "We are doing a 17ish mile run tomorrow. All welcome. It will be around the 7m/m pace."

    6:30/mile ave split today, you need to up your game mate image

    Had Benny Benassi Electro House Music playing on a a treat!

    Enjoy the video... image

    You Tube

  • FF 6.30 for 18, im very impressed!! thanks for the link, i love this song. Good luck in the race tomorrow, hope the rain eases off for you

    FL/Fm, was good today and no it should never have been five minutes staggered, youd have been back at the van by the time that i finished.

    I had a look at my garmin, i did a 35.37 10k today, new pb for me by 2 seconds!image

  • Bryn - Weather forecast isn't great for tomorrow...I'll be wet anyway crossing the streams! Have fun tomorrow...

    Here's another video, think you may have to sign in for this one though......Benny Benassi, good music and the videos aren't half bad either.......

    You Tube Whos Your Daddy?

  • FF, if I post faster time no one will come! but there again no one comes anywayimage.

    Been looking at pics of your race on facebook and they ain't streams any more mateimage hope you can swimimage.

    Bryn, excellent stuff mate. You on top formimage.

  • Fl, not yet im not, i need to get a 34 min run in tempo for me to break the barriers at the mo, my chest is holding me back, DAM YOU CHEST!!!!!

    FF, this song is quite old now, but does not fail to get me moving, takes a while to kick in, after 1.30, then boooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

    Limp Bizkit, MI2

  • How was the long run?

    Re. Limp Bizkit....yes, top tune.

    Got my Xmas Pudding, Mars Bar, Jelly Babies, and Bottle of Wine - that should all help nicely with the diet. 

  • FF, well done mate. I take it you won?

    The long run was OK. Just me and Steve. Up to Glynneath, out and back from Steve's. OK on the way up but a bit of head wind on the way back. struggled to hold it to 6:57m/m pace. the wheels started to come off at 14 mile! got 18 mile in.

  • Richie Gardener easily won the race, no surprises there! I was 2nd vet but ran well within myself as I still felt a bit burned out after yesterday and didn't feel like killing myself going up the big dipper. The route was muddier than normal but not as bad as I was expecting.

    Well done on getting the 18 miles in, I hate running in the wind. I trained on the path between Blackpill and Gowerton yesterday, its very sheltered and flat so great for tempo running.

    How are you going to get the long run in next week with Margam XC? I may try and get it done on Thursday night.

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