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  • Well done on the 2nd place mate. As for next week I will run home after the race to get the miles in. Your more than welcome to drag me home. Have you given the Forest of Dean half any thought? need another for a team of three. Myself and NST are in. Father Bryn will have his hands fullimage.
  • OK if I don't get the miles in on Thursday I'll probably join you running back - cheers.

    Still thinking about the FOD, need to look at what else is in the race diary......

  • Its the same day as RB10k and thats a club race. but our goal is VLM so need to do the half.
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  • Has anyone ever done the Forest of Dean half? I have a strange urge to go and do itimage
  • Crikey, looks like there's been an outbreak of spam in here.......?!
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  • And for something completely different:
  • Funny clip!

    NST - How's your Russian?

    I do like their robust response to oil spills, think they should have given it a go in the States....

    Russian Solution to Oil & Gas Spills

  • ??? ??????? ??????? 

  • FL - BP have just sold a chunk of their business to the Russians in exchange for rights for oil exploration. Just thought I'd change the subject from Forest of Dean....!
  • FF, yes I know, I tried posting some thing in Russian and it cane up like ??? ?????? ????? that! Know go and enter the Forest of Deanimage Have you done it before?
  • Forest of Dean, your all so keen!!image 

    FL, been out this am, so probably wont go later now, im going swimming again tonight, im going to be like aquaman at this rate!!

    check out the buggy i got in mind  speed machine!

    NST, have a good time in london,

     FF, can we catch up this week, whats your plans for tuesday!? me and chris are looking to do a hilly 10?

  • I like the speed machine, think you should take it on our long runs and if FL gets tired he can sit in it.

    Looks like I have a problem with the side of my foot, it was sore on Saturday and it took a while to warm it up before the race of Sunday. I realised this afternoon that my shoe seemed tight, I took it off and looked at my foot and it is really swollen........I don't know what the hell it is.image  I know I should rest it and ice it etc but I think I'll see if I can shoehorn it into my running shoe tonight.image

  • FF, love your approach to rest and recovery mateimage we are a long time deadimage.

    As for the speed machine, I'd love to be pushed around in itimage but don't think I'd get in it with you being in there before meimage. And after I came back for you when your wheels came offimage.

    You entered FOD yet?

  • My foot is f*****d.image

  • Whats up with it?
  • Got my foot in the shoe, tried running, went about 100 yards and had to give up.

    Too uncomfortable to run, it's very swollen around the bottom of the ankle bone on the side of my foot. The only positive is that its not an acute pain. I've got ice on it so we'll see what happens. If I'm lucky it'll be the newish shoes I used for the long run, and changing back to my older ones will make it go away.  image

  • Good luck with it mate. Go see someone if it don't go soon.
  • Better news today, most of the swelling has gone and did about 9 miles with 4 x 5:30ish intervals in the middle. Slight discomfort but nothing bad enough to realy complain about. I think I may have been lucky and it was the Saturday long run with a new shoe being too tight or something?! Fingers crossed anyway.
  • Great news mate. And good to see you went out to try it and not just sit around hoping your foot don't fall offimage. That's a tasty work out on your own and with one foot mateimage. So your looking good for the weekend then?

    Any thoughts on FOD yet? or you going 10k?

  • Bryn, awesome running tonight mate, well done. I found it much easier than last week. Managed to keep my head up and breathing was good. Things are slowly coming back together again.
  • Thanks son, its a tasty little run that one. 59.52. We will have to see what we can do may next time.

    what time did you come it at...

     FF, some very good miles, did you do them with WA?

    NST, will be good to have you back in the fold.

  • Weekend looking good......just need to see how and when to do the long run this week. I may still have a crack at it on Thursday night....if not then I'll join you guys after the XC.

    What tempo did you do tonight?

  • Bryn - Yep did them with WA.

    A bit colder tonight, glad it was dry though!!

  • Bryn, did 1:16 for the 12m 2mins faster than last time. Went through the 10 in about 62/63ish. But felt better this week.

    FF, great to see WA is running better. You need to get him out on the long runs with us.

  • FF, did WA keep up with you?

    the run tonight was an undulating 10 miler designed by NST and FL, lots of hills.

    how far are you going on thursday then? if you dont go long do you fancy a 11-12 miler from yours after work? nothing mad though.... the run home after the race is approx 7-8 miles i think, nothing like that trek you did after the race at the gnoll image

     im getting a new mobile tomorrow, i can do map my run on the move.....wooo hoo!!

  • Bryn, its 7-8 mile if you go straight homeimage. need to get at least 18 inimage
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