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  • I'll have to give your 10 miler a crack some time, you need to build in some steps though. image

    If I'm feeling OK and I can get my head around the idea I'm going for 18 miles on Thursday, but its tough doing that in an evening. 

    A new mobile eh, what you getting?

  • FF , got a HTC Desire HD, only just plugged it in for its first charge.

    Have you decided if you are doing your 18 miler tomorrow? my offer is still on the table? Otherwise ill do my lunchtime run and run after work with FL maybe if he finishes work in time?

    Fl ...saying that whats your plans for tomorrows run?

  • Bryn, no fixed plan for tomorrow just yet. See what time I finish work and go from there. Would like to get some thing fastish in. But not too mad.

    FF, hows that foot?

  • Bryn - Nice phone, try not to walk into any lamposts when your texting! I was still hoping to do the long run, you could join me for 10 miles of it or all of it if you feel so inclined?image

    I think I may have worked out what was causing the foot issue, I wore the same (new) shoes tonight as I did on the long run Saturday and noticed that for some reason I kept kicking the inside of the ankle just on the one foot - weird. I reckon that 18 miles of kicking my ankle must have caused the swelling....thats my theory anyway.

  • two very tempting offers, I will see how the day in the office goes, im up in Ystradgylais at 3pm for a meeting, depending on what time i finish ill let you both know,

     FL , how far you planning on going tomorrow? i am doing about 5 in the day, so dont really want to do big miles, may 7-10 if possible? What is "Fastish" pace?

     FF, sounds like some sort of foot RSI!! : ) Just a thought,...if you leg is not right, maybe give the 18 miler a miss and go for something slightly less demanding? Just a thought?

  • Bryn - whats this twice a day running all about then? Bit serious isnt it!!

    'Slightly less demanding' - what like 17.5 miles?

  • yeah, twice a day alllows me to get in my 50 miles and have two recovery days, sounds nuts, but it works.

    Yes...17.5 ...thats what i was not  thinking.

    Opened the phone today, there is a dent at the back, so have to send it back to shop, gutted image(((

  • Recovery days? Not heard of those, what are they?

    Shame about the phone......

  • Recovery?image explain pleaseimage
  • Recovery, from the latin.. Are you a rec  - o  - very!!!

  • Thanks mateimage

    And thanks for the run tonight. Bringwen horror!!!! Your heartlessimage.

  • 18 miles done....image

    Mile 1= 7:09 Mile 2=6:17 Mile 3=6:29 Mile 4=6:32 Mile 5=6:24 Mile 6=6:17 Mile 7=6:20 Mile 8=6:28 Mile 9=6:14 Mile 10=6:25 Mile 11=6:27 Mile 12=6:08 Mile 13=6:17 Mile 14=6:15 Mile 15=6:17 Mile 16=6:26 Mile 17=6:16 Mile 18=6:19

    Ave 6:24 per mile.

  • Good going mate. Any hills in that or is that a stupid question?
  • No hills - all flat. I wanted to keep consistent speed.

    Your turn on Sunday....I'm glad mine's done.

  • Are you still running home with me on Sunday?
  • I don't think so.......I'm not keen on racing, stopping for 20 minutes or so, and then getting going again.

    I expect you to do average 6:24 or better on your way home though! image

  • I'll give it a good go mate. Hows that foot of yours doing?
  • Foot is slightly sore but nothing to really complain about. We wouldn't be runners if we didn't have a bit of pain somewhere!
  • You got that right mate. You been out today? Is it only orange lucozade they have on offer?
  • FF, where did you do your long run on the flat?some impressive fast miles. Im glad i did not tag along now.

    FL, looks like hes upped the game, are you going for 6.24 on way home?! im running back , but will only be 7-8 miles for me?

  • Bryn, must try and get up to MP on the way home. I can do the straight home route with you then hit Tony's loop to make it up. We can come back the same way as last year?
  • Fl, so let me get this straight, you want to do a Race and then race home?image
  • By the way forgot to ask, depending on your car set-up...can i grab a lift to the race tomorrow? no worries if its full i can make alternative plans etcimage

  • Always room for a small one mate.
  • Sat here looking at a 2:45 pace band, shit thats fastimage
  • Just back from watching the Ospreys - great game. Been on the lash since, feel trashed now....hic hic imageimageimage

    Bryn - Re. long run, bit of a boring route, but flat , 1st mile was up hill to Sketty and then down passed Singleton Hospital to Oystermouth Road left to the Marina, across bridge turned back, ran along Mumbles Road to Verdis, and then back to the Marina and back again to the University, which is 18 miles.Benny Benassi kept me in the zone.

    2:45 - yep, it aint easy.......I think its about 6:12 per mile isn't it?

    Is there a race next weekend?

    Not sure if I'll be up for it tomorrow.....may, have a lie in, read the paper and then wash the car.

  • FF, see you in the morningimage
  • Aye OK.

    I did go to the Ospreys, but kept off the beer........I'll be there.image

  • New you wouldnt let us downimage
  • leaving here at 9:30am

    Bryn, tried phoning you. see you in the morning.

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