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  • I was going straight to the race HQ?
  • Yes I know, just telling Bryn what time I was leaving. Though you are welcome to come here and have a lift.
  • Right -o on my way to yours in a bit FL, im on standby with the phone etc, as dont know when sams going to go into el laboro!! so ill give my mobile to michele when were running (if sam does not end up coming to the race)...hey might even get a pb trying to get back my phone as quickly as possible?

    FF, dont forget the fast Nike's

  • Afternoon lads. Good fun today, it dawned on me afterward though that the pace was not that much off my half paCe... the answer!!!?? You tell me? Run home was ok 6.50 pace. Fl-did you manage your pace

    Ff- can we meet up this week, I reef to get in some miles your way
  • Great running today lads well done.

    FF, sorry mate couldn't get to your paceimage but did manage just under 21 mile for the day at 6:38 avg paceimage.

  • Bryn - aye, it'd be good to get some miles in. Tuesday's I do speedwork, or Thursday a quickish tempo run. I couldn't quite stay with you on that home straight, but I'm working on it. That last sprint you did was impressive, your legs were going like crazy! I wanted to beat Paul Talbot but just couldn't get there - close though! 

    FL - 21 miles at average 6:38 is good running. Don't worry payback's coming I'll get your speed well under 6:30 / mile.

    Is there a race next weekend?

  • Today's splits :- Mile 1 - 5:18 Mile 2 - 5:25 Mile 3 - 5:43 Mile 4 - 5:44 Mile 5 - 5:42.

    Average 5:35 / mile.

    Must try harder!

  • FF, banking on you getting me faster mate. Although I will hate you at the time of doing itimage.

    Your last mile was the same as mineimage

    1) - 1m - 5:41(5:41/m) 
    2) - 1m - 5:48(5:48/m) 
    3) - 1m - 5:48(5:48/m) 
    4) - 1m - 5:54(5:54/m)
    5) - 0.99m - 5:42(5:44/m)

    Really must try harder!!!!

    1. 5.29
    2. 5.32
    3. 5.39
    4. 5.36
    5. 5.20

    Avg 5.31, but i should have stayed with you mr p in the beginning, it was hell trying to make the ground up. I have done four weeks of solid mileage, now is the time so start putting some speed in there!!! wooohooimage

    Still debating about what to do about FOD/RB10k. I think i am going to hold out until the baby is born and see if its a cryer or a sleeper, the latter could really make the difference!!

    I was planning on doing a 5k this weekend coming, after todays performance it says that i come out with a 16.42 5k (5.23 pace). i dont know if your up for that?

  • Sounds like a plan Mr Brynimage
  • Are you planning a long run Sunday? 6:30 or better per mile....!image

  • "BRYN - now is the time so start putting some speed in there!!! wooohoo"

    No you're fast enough really....I wouldn't bother, it would be anti social if you got any faster you'll have no-one to chat to while you're running. Let us all catch up first......

    Your final mile was impressive....wished I'd had it in me to stay with you in the final section. Next time!

  • FF, definitely doing a long run Sunday. Not sure if I can hold 6:30 pace though! But if I do go 6:30 you will just push for moreimage
  • You can hold a 6:30 pace, no problem. How else are you going to hold it together for 26 miles at elite pace otherwise!! No pain, no gain, lots of pain = even more gain!! In London I'm aiming for 6:00 splits, not sure if I can manage it for the whole race but I'm going to give it my best shot.

  • I know your right mate, but I'm finding it hard to hold that kind of pace on the runs I do in the week with Bryn and NST. I'll give it a try though! Hope its a flat courseimage.
  • You could run from here if you want a change of scenery, follow the bike route up through Gowerton and through to Penclawdd and back - it's pretty flat and 6:30 or better is possible the whole length of the route. No steps!  Either that or you can pick the route and I'll come over to you. Don't mind really.
  • I'll have a look at the races tomorrow, its either FOD, Rhayader or San Dom.
  • Happy to let you pick the route mate, you always come this way. How far you planning?

    Fod,Fod Fod Fod Fod Fodimage you know it makes senseimage or you could do RB10k its a club champs race.

  • 20 milers may take too much out of us before London! so Fod is the one.
  • I was planning on 18 miles or so.

    I'll let you know about FOD or not, I'll have to run it by the missus as well - got to keep her on side!

  • guys, im in for FOD, happy daysimage just entered now. lets go gold diggin!

    ok, so Cardiff Parkrun on sunday then yeah? FF, was planning on doing 1k, 1k, 2k, 1k tomorrow? You name the time? will just do easier runs then until 5k on sat and do a 14 miler on sunday or something, did plan on 6mm? maybe you could add your run on ontop? 

  • You guys don't need me at FOD now then, you've got the three you need for the team?

    Re. tomorrow, I'm meeting WA for speedwork from mine at 5:30 is that OK for you? I was planning on some 400m and then a couple of mile splits on top, but your plan is along the same lines.

    I nearly choked then, 6 min miling for 14 miles, jeez man.......image That's quite a pace for a Sunday morning.

    Wish my foot would sort itself out, it's still troubling me and a bit swollen. I notice it going up hills because it doesn't bend as much as it should. I'll keep ignoring it and hope it goes's not too painful when its warmed up. 

  • Morning lads

    Your all mad!!!!!!

  • Bryn, well done on Fod, FF we are all the team and always need us all. But if Bryns misses drops and cant go you got a free entryimageimage
  • FF, well done on your v45 win in the West Glam mate.
  • FL - thanks, just looked at the results.....

    Whats the next race you're doing?

  • Bryn - did you do your 1k intervals?
  • 6x 1k done, it was a good session. 200m rec

    1.3.16 (5.12)

    2.3.16 (5.13)

    3. 3.16 (5.12)

    4. 3.15 (5.16)

    5.3.13 (5.13)

    6.3.13 (5.05) 

    Ive decided that the 5k on the weekend is not so much a good idea, i thought this as back to back racing is never a good idea and  especially with 5k on the sat and 14 fast on the sunday, it could spell trouble. Will try and do a tempo with you FF on thurs if i can?

     hows my buddies? 

  • Morning all

    No running for me last night! It has all caught up with me and just feel totally drained! Mondays run was more like a walk and only just made it through work yesterday. Have eaten like a pig for two days and feel like crap for doing that now! Hope to get some kind of a run in later and the have to go out for my mothers 70th birthday. All the family are going so it should be interesting! I'm dreading it.

    Anyway that's my whinge over. Hope your all OK out there.

  • Bryn, yes mate, time to rest up a bit I think. I have done too much racing this month.
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