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  • FL, will catch up with you later on then. Take it easy

  • FL - Sometimes you have to rest up a bit, a few days of bad diet and reduced mileage won't hurt you. We all go through it from time to time, I've just eaten a caramel slice - why did Greggs have to open a shop 100 yards from the office!

    BRYN - I did 4 x 400 and 2 x 1m, it's weird finding the right pace for 1m splits after blasting the 400m, and a few more miles warm up/down last night.

    Re. Thurs, no probs, let me know what you want to do.

    Looking forward to the Sunday run...........I may have to wear my flats to keep up the pace.

  • Ff,are you doing the 14 miles with me then. Actual pace will be 6.09 for the 14, shouldn't cause you too much bother
  • Damn, I had to have a second caramel slice - someone went out and bought more cakes....

    BRYN - I assume its FL as well isnt it? I'm all for some faster miles........"not too much bother"..erh, it is a bit of a pace! Why 6:09 its a bit precise isn't it!!

  • The theory being 30 seconds slower than half mara pace. Don't mind where,could even be on sat. About tomorro, was thinking of tempo pace, is alex. Coming
  • Evening lads, As for Sundays long run, 14 mile is too short and 6:09 is way too fast for me so I'll sit that one out and get a long one in around hereimage. I was worried about going 6:30 image.
  • Ff, dont leave do on his own, he needs you more than me for pacing. Did on 7 beachfront. Ave 6mm 4@5.42. Struggled with wind on way back.
  • Don't go worrying about me I'm fineimage Bryn, Please don't leave me alone with him! he'll batter meimageimage.

    Just let me know what the plans are lads, I'm sure we can sort it out to suit us allimage.

  • FF/FL, had a look at the schedule, its 13, not 14 at 6ish pace. 

    Dont mind if its after your appt, otherwise, let me know and ill go im the morning.

    Dont know if you are going to both the fast 12 and fast 18...let me know

  • I'm confused.

    So is it a fast 12/13 Sat morning and an 18 on Sunday....


  • FF, yes mate. I'm down for 12 fast on Saturday and 18 on Sunday. What you think?

    Bryn, would rather get it done before I go to have my eyes done on Saturday.

  • FF, according the legendary NST's VLM schedule its fast 12/13 Sat morning and an 18 on Sunday,

    To be honest, im training for a half, so im only doing the 13 on saturday. Im likely to go out for 10 on sunday (easier pace) .

  • Just had a look at the winner of the FOD Half,  this guy is fast...Hes bloody quick 
  • what time are you heading out Saturday?
  • Think it will have to be about 8am ish as I got an appointment at 11am. Bryn what you think? Does it have to be up Afan? as that will add an hour to the time I'm out. We could do the boring Fabians way run? its fast and we could add the duel to the brook and back to make it up to 12/13?
  • I can make 8 tomorrow - not sure how I'm going to run at 6m/m that time in the morning though imageI'm not good in the morning.......I assume you are leaving from FL's?

    FL - 18 x 6:30m/m on Sunday, my route? 

  • FF, yesimage I'll give your route a go. I'll try my best but please be kindimage. What time and where? And flat (as in NO STEPS!) please.

    So where are we running tomorrow Bryn?

  • We'll have a chat about Sunday's run tomorrow...obviously not during the run because not sure I can run and talk at that pace....
  • OK mate. Still waiting for Bryn to post tomorrows run. He must be still eating his curryimage
  • Alright flash. I'm going to have late night tonight make the most of just being me and Sam. I will probably go later on go the day,after what we discussed earlier about having a warm up and cool down. If your plans. Change,please let me know. Ff, give me shout about what your doing, can't be having you secret training
  • Bryn, lost me there mate? so are you running in the morning or not?

    I'll still go for 12m at 8am ish. I need to get back to have my eyes done. I'll stick to the Fabians way route.

  • FF, what about you? I cant do 12 mile at 6m/m but will try my best. Need to get at least MP for 10mile
  • FL, sorry pal. Im going to have a lye on and go later in the day. i cant think about getting up early tomorrow morning. Good luck with you run son, may the force be with you.
  • OK Bryn. Have a good one.
  • FL - OK, I'll be at yours at 8. I'm happy to do about 10 if we're doing the long run on Sunday. OK?
  • FL - Not sure whats happening now? Can you confirm if you're still going this morning?
  • FF, sorry mate missed your last post. Yes I'm going at 8am as planned. Are you coming?
  • Yep. See you in a bit.
  • Have you been sat there waiting all night? Sorry mate! see you in a bitimage
  • Bryn, enjoy the lay in mateimage the next one will be in about 18 yearsimage
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