what to wear to race

Hi, need some advice

I am going to run a 5k race tomorrow and not sure what to wear. I have run a few races but never in a cold weather. When I am out running I wear a tshirt plus a long sleeved top and that's just fine, but I suppose it's too much for a race. 

Would I be cold wearing a tshirt?


  • All depends how fast you run!!

    You'll be running between 18-25 ish mins, i'd run in t-shirt if I was you, if you start getting cold run faster. If you have a run-walk strategy then I would wear more clothes, whats your target time??

  • This is my first 5k, my 10k PB is 43.40 so planning 4.15 ish per km. My brain says Tshirt but I am always so cold when I do my normal running.
  • So you will be looking to get round in 21-23 mins, t-shirt i'd say.....But go with what your comfortable, if your thinking about what your wearing you won't be thinking about the race.

    Have a good warm up in a jumper and then go for it!image

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    A long sleeve layer isn't going to slow you down and if it's a technical top you won't overheat, so wear what's comfortable.  I'm a bit of a special case - I can run in skimpy shorts and vest in sub zero temperatures but my main conundrum on colder days is whether or not to wear gloves cos my hands suffer terribly.  Either way, wrap up for the warm-up - also pack spare kit for a cool-down afterwards, cos cold sweat isn't very comfortable!
  • Your forgetting your 80's head band D2D image
  • PhilPub wrote (see)
     I can run in skimpy shorts and vest in sub zero temperatures

    When I competed in my first Fell-Races, I was surprised to see how many run in just vest & shorts,

    As an example, even with 5" of snow (& temperatures around the freezing point) on the ground, like at the 'Ilkley Moor Fell-Race' race in February, there were still loads out in minimal clothing

    For the 'I-M F-R', I was wearing t-shirt/long-sleeve cycling-jersey/woolly hat/gloves, and I felt 'comfortable' in those (but in shorts. not 'longs')

    Question; How can they (or in this case, you) get up to 'operating temperature', & more importantly maintain it

    Unless they're 'going like a train' surely their work/heat output can't be enough?

  • Think it depends on how well your body copes with the cold.

    Before a race starts I can get really cold, then as I get running I warm up and get hot, my hands and ears however just get colder and start to hurt so I need hat and gloves - I'm one of those very ridiculas runners that will wear shorts vest hat and gloves. When it's feezing I will wear a long sleeve top but right now it's not cold enough for that.

    Longs as in tights are nearly always too hot to race in.

    Oh and D2D I need knicks under my shorts or I'll be exposing everything I have to the world.

  • Thanks everyone


    t-shirt, knee lenght tights, hat, gloves  and if I feel cold, I just have to run faster

  • Devoted2Distance wrote (see)

    I'd be a puddle if I wore all that image

    Lucky old you, just wait til you get older.

    i suffer from Raynauds, always have done, hate cold weather, it's really very painful. Being a little too hot is better than being in pain.

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