hamstring injury


can anyone advise on a hamstring injury, I have had pain for over a week especially when I kneel or sit with my legs bent, and have a small bruise on my hamstring.

What is the best way to recover from this,I haven't ran for over a week but obviously do not want to be out for too long.

Is a physio visit needed ?



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    Can anyone help with this, I've got a pain in mine too (but no bruise) so would like to see some answers.
  • I visited a physio last week who told me I had a mild hamstring strain.  She did some ultra sound and massage on it and then strapped me up with tape.  Advice was not to run for a week.  I am going back to see her on Thursday but still have a little ache.  I am hoping to start running again.  I would advise going to see a physio, as she told me if you run on a mild strain hamstring injury you run the risk of it tearing and then its a 6-8 week repair time. I have a half marathon this Sunday but not sure if I will be able to run it.  If anyone has any further advice, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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