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Now that my children can walk home from school themselves I have dropped the car and now run/cycle to work - cycle in, run home, run in, cycle home. It's 9km each way and I hope to build in some speed work to prevent them becoming "junk miles".

I am looking to buy a rucksack for just the essential bits and bobs - clothing, purse, phone, etc. I am not very tall at five one (and a half on a good day) and therefore need to make sure it doesn't swamp me.

I could do with some advice - what should I look for? Which models would you recommend?


  • Hiya

    I have a Salomon XA20 pack which is perfect for my commuting run or cycle and i believe they do a womens model which has smaller strappy bits etc.

    I find Salomons kit to be very good although I do question their footwear somewhat. 

    My advice would be to go try some on

    when you have them on fill them right up then run around the shop a bit and empty bag always fits well.

    Also once youve found the one you want go home get on the net and buy it much cheaper unless you have a Local running shop you support.

    one more thing my wife has nudged me now Im guessing your femail from height and the fact you take a purse to work dont forget to fasten up the across the chest strap if the pack has one as some seem to be placed very badly for women.



  • Hail Hail

    If you are prepared to spend the time and effort in going to a shop, trying the rucksack on, running around with it, and (by inference) asking the advice of the staff, the least you can do is buy from them.  Wasting their time by then buying online as Mat suggests (and I'd guess saving maybe a fiver) will only over time cause shops to lose business and thereby close.  If you take advantage of somebody's service, give them the business, not take advantage of their good nature.

  • Hail Hail

    Oh aye, FWIW, I've got a Saloman too.  They are good.

  • Please dont get me wrong......

    If you have a local running shop then you should always support them I owned a running and Tri shop in Spain for years but the big Decathlons and sportsdirect of this world kill small businesses my local Sportsdirect is selling Addidas kanadia off road ladies trainer for £18 which is a far too small margin for an independent shop.

    Personally id take advantage of the larger stores high stock levels and ample opportunities to try many different things then buy from a smallerer online retailer then at least the money isn't just going on advertising the eternal sale.  I now am in the process of setting up my online shop so I may be slightly biased.

    The salomon bag is bloody good though!!!!

  • I am female and also have a salomon xa20 which is great for walking. I do fnd it moves around a bit when running.

    I have however, just bought a deuter speedlite 10 which is an even better fit, hydration compatible...obviously has less capacity. Was only 21 quid as well. image

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    I really appreciate all this advice and am listening attentively. It sounds like it would be a good idea to go out and try some on and see.

    (If I try things on in a shop then I feel duty bound to buy the item there, especially if I have been given advice)

    Thanks for all the help

  • i have this - and it rocks my cock (literally) clean off

    excellent quality, very comfortable & light, great price - even comes with it's own internal water bladder

    i'd recommend it like nothing i've ever recommended before - so i will
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    That looks great, but rats rats rats they don't sell over the net and I'm not in the UK image
  •  Raidlight Endurance 10L RRP £59.99

     Best small pack I've ever used and I've used loads. Don't even know I'm wearing it. Doesn't bouonce and is very comfortable. Costly but you get what you pay for.

  • SP13- Decathlon are Europe wide if that's any use?
  • Hi,

    Have had a look at these and they look good... for men! But what about little (5'3") ladies who are boney (so need padding on straps) but also have boobs (which can interfere with straps)...

    Any advice please I have an ultra coming up and I'm stuck!!

    Thanks guys,

    Charley  image


  • Also have a look at Inov-8 as they do some good packs.

    I ran a couple of Ultras with an Inov-8 and whilst a good pack, I wanted to know how much fluid I had left which is very tricky if using a bladder. I opted for a bottle system and went for an UltrAsprie Kinetic vest. Fantastic bit of kit for a 50k. Well worth a look.

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