Trail Running in Devon

Hi all,

Getting more and more excited about trying out trail running. Planning to go to Haldon Hill on the recommendation of running shop staff. Can anyone suggest any other good off road places in Devon, preferably near Exeter...


  • Woodbury common is a favorite of mine a good mixture of surfaces and some nice hills.
  • coast path...Exmouth to Axmouth...hilly though.

    East hill strip near Ottery..

    Woodbury as above  image

  • get an ordnance survey map and look at the various footpaths and bridleways.
  • I live on Dartmoor (just) and there are some amazing trails up there..get a map and check out paths around Haytor and Okehampton, hilly and muddy...only half hour out of Exeter!
  • Coastal path - Brixham to Kingswear....9 miles ish and very hilly!! Lovely route though. Only bit i've run but I would imagine that any of the coast path would be as good.

  • The teign valley is amazing - I often run here.  You can drive to Castle Drogo or Fingle bridge and run from there - under 30mins from Exeter.  This is where the Drogo 10 is held every year.  South West Road Runners do a sunday run that anybody can join - this is always fairly close to Exeter and off road - check the meeting place on their web site each week.  Also various hashing groups usually have interesting off road routes.  I don't know all the groups but the Crediton bunch have a web site -
  • this is Devon were talking about, there is a big bit in the middle called Dartmoor,  a coastal path all around the outsides, Exmoor in the North and footpaths / bridle paths everywhere.  Kleebatt, Trail running is anywhere where there isn't tarmac there is no shortage of possibilities in Devon from the flat beside the rivers to the positively mountainous, open door run to nearest footpath and go, you really don't need to fixate on any particular paths / trail / area.

    Get out there and enjoy it, though you might want to but some trail shoes before you slide all over the place

  • If you're in Exeter, and want something very close to home, try the Green Circle (just google "Exeter green circle"). It's a mix of trail and tarmac, about 13 miles round the outskirts of Exeter, and quite hilly in places. It passes within quarter of a mile of my house, so I'm planning on using it as a training route for the Grizzly!
  • To be honest Dartmoor isn't that easy if you aren't used to it.  I know because I live on it and am aware of the reactions of visiting runners who have never experienced it.  Exmoor is easier because there are far better paths.

    For a newcomer to the moor I would say wait until summer unless you go with someone who knows their way around.

  • Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm going to try out Haldon Hill on Saturday. Obviously I know there are tons of places to go in Devon, but I also know that lots of people will have experience of these runs themselves and be able to recommend them to me so thanks! Have got myself some decent trail shoes so looking forward to getting a bit muddy this weekend.
  • There is amazing trail running all over Devon. In fact I'm amazed people run on the roads. I run with the wildrunning group every Thursday evening. And next February on the first Saturday of half term week in fact, we're organising Devon's first night running race, the Wild Night Run, sponsored by Petzl. It's a tough 10 miles starting and finishing in South Brent (which is very quick to get to from Exeter) Or if that sounds a bit daunting there's the shorter 7k Mild Night Run on the same evening.

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