Snicks makes celebrities!

Well done again Snicks. Interesting article! Particularly impressed that Mr. B and Mr BK have made it into the limelight!!!


  • although slightly disappointed that Mr. Barkles is a Headmaster! I always wondered what they did in the daytime!

    Bend over Smithy... Six of the best!
  • Jon - which issue is it in. I never saw the last one either!! Snicks is on the ball as ever! No wonder I can't get any work today. BTW, thank you for your kind words!
  • Yes saw it the other day. Makes me feel guilty because since I said that I have got out and run more halfs and left Mrs BK "holding the baby".
  • Snicks- Its the lastest one (October?)
    If you want a copy of the last one I'd be more than happy to donate my copy to you as a little momento!

    BK- You're a mean man! Boo Hiss
  • Despite seeing Mr Barkles on the limericks thread on Saturday evening, I consoled myself that at least he probably had limited influence on society! And then last night I read that he is a headmaster!!! Well my minds made up now...I blame the teachers!!! ;-) Only joking Mr B.

    BK, not so much holding the baby as trying to stop him getting out of pub playgrounds these days isn't it Mike?!

    Interesting article though Snicks. If you ever need any future material, I know a unique runner from Hertfordshire who runs on a diet made up entirely of red wine! I'm sure she'd be happy to talk to you, over a glass of Beaujolais of course! ;-)
  • As part of my seach for stardom, I too would be prepared to prostitute myself for such a cause!
  • On the subject of prostitution mine might be getting worse and DW's dad may have unwittingly played a part. Hopefully RW will be using some of the rest of you instead. Confused, you soon will be !!! (Nothing to do with portaloos)
  • BK,


    How has my Dad played a part in your prostitution?! Did he suggest it as a career move or something?!

  • Eeek - the seedy world of Prostitution never appealed to me before, and now it appeals even less.
    Jon, BK ?
    You don't look like the cards in the phone boxes at all.
    Aaaah - is this a cunning plan to steer people away ? Brilliant idea - it'll work a treat.
    Good work people !
  • I'm confused too! We managed to get from snicks to whoring in 8 messages! Thats got to be a record!
  • DW. You dad's Theale photo. Some of our number may be appearing in RW. Hopefully not me.
  • BK,

    Ahhh right, I'm with you now. Yes, they have mine as well. Well, a little bit of noteriety never did anyone any harm!

  • The one with your Gladiators outfit?
  • I was rather hoping it would be the ballerina one m'self... Ho Hum!
  • Alas no. I thought they were just after the thing I used as my FaceIT! piccy so they got my Dog Walker graphic (right)!

    Were they after an actual photo of me? Russell never got back to me after I sent it - he probably thinks I'm well weird now! I could send him another one now...what do you reckon?
  • Now wait a minute... I really am confused now... Can someone please back track the whole story and tell whats going on?
  • No, I prefer it when you're in the dark Jon.

    DW. I'm not really sure what they're after so I wouldn't worry. They asked me on the basis that I'd edited so many. The 100*120's are too small.
  • Yes, I prefer everything to be behind your back as well Jon.

    I think I'll email him and see...
  • I'm with you, munkeh! What the bloody hell' going on. Did I miss something in this/next (whatever) month's RW?
  • I'm content to leave it in my tiny little head that you two are the face of an anti-whoring campaign. Sure - here are the pics of the attractive girls on the cards, but the reality is somewhat different. (No offence boys !)
  • I'll say that again. Just as I posted this message it flipped to a new page...
    I'm with you, munkeh! What the bloody hell's going on. Did I miss something in this/next (whatever) month's RW?
  • It's MY ball and I'll take it home if you make me go in goal
  • You're still grieving for that bike Cougie I can tell. No offence taken because I didn't understand it.

    Just dawned on me, what sort of 'bike' was it.
  • Oh God, now you've upset Jon.

    He'll cry.
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