GPS tracker watch recommendations???

I'm looking for a good GPS tracker watch to map my running routes......I'm not bothered about fancy gadgets I just want to track distances accurately, does anyone have any recommendations for cheap ones? Thanks


  • Many of the Garmin watches have tracking facilities that can be uploaded to Garmin Connect allowing you to view your run and stats on a map. Info here on Garmin Connect

    An entry level Forerunner 110 would do this, price varies depending on whether you want a HRM or not. They also do a Male/Female version. Review here on Forerunner that we did

    Alternatively lots of people on here will use the older generation Forerunner watches which work just as well.
  • My girlfriend bought the Garmin 305. It looks big, but once you start running you will forget its on soon trust me, But you only really need the big display if you want the info as you are running. Also check this web page gives a good, impartial insight into the various options:

    To confuse you slightly more, do you have a mobile phone with GPS? I have run with my iphone and it does a great job of recording routes, distances etc. Certainly worth thinking about if your phone has the function.


  • Thank you for all your comments, these have been very useful image
  • I use a Garmin 205 (305 without HRM) which looks like a bit of a brick but there's no weight to it, and I'd say it's one of the best tools of any sort I've every bought. As a relative newcomer to running it's been a great motivator and couldn't be simpler to use.  The Garmin Connect website's really useful too for route ideas. 
  • If you are interested in the Garmin 305 it is under £100 on Amazon right now.  Just make sure oyu enter the code for the promotional 10% off (it is on an advert on the 305 page on amazon itself) and it is yours for under £100.  That is a bargain which is why I bought one!!  image

  • Have you considered using ?

    You can measure the distance, save the run and view elevation details using the site. It is just as accurate as GPS, if not more, and it's free.

  • @qinfany qinfany and @xu shakira - you're both idiots.
  • I would recommend the Ninja Tracker  - compact and accurate device, easy to use and reasonably priced.  I love mine...

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