What a waste of TIME!

Forumites the clocks and your watches go back one hour at  2 am on Sunday 31st October, 2010.  So you can get an extra hour in your warm bedimage.

Twice a year in the UK we change our clocks, on the last Sunday in March we go one hour forward

and the last Sunday in October we go one hour backwards.

What is the POINT?image



  • Totally irrelevant, but when I searched for Runnersworld on the Yahoo search engine thingy one of the options that came up as I was typing was Karen Samuel Runnersworld image

    Extra hour in bed on Sunday... Woohoo!!!  Boo hiss to it being dark when I go out for my run after work...

  • image

    I must make a note of that in my diary...

  • This should keep you busy > http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~jsm28/british-time/

     As for the reasons behind the actual date the clocks go forward / back....

    ...the period beginning at one o'clock, Greenwich mean time, in the morning of the last Sunday in March and ending at one o'clock, Greenwich mean time, in the morning of the last Sunday in October.

  • There are lies, damned lies and statistics.

  • I did say it was totally irrelevant, do you not understand what that means??  Seeing another post from you reminded me about the Yahoo search thingy...

    Unless you mean the Woohoo extra hour in bed bit, in which case as the clocks go back 10am will become 9am so I can stay in bed for longer...  And running in the dark after work, 6pm will become 5pm so when I go out at what will be 6pm it would be 7pm if the clocks hadn't changed by which time its dark.

  • Before the steam train was invented the time was different in different towns and cities. image
  • Why don't they just change it half an hour and then leave it alone!!



  • I remember one year in my childhood that they experimented and didn't change the clocks one year and I remember my dad walking me to school in the pitch dark - so it's probably not all that irrelevant.

    (I've just googled this to see if it was true and I'm not having some kind of brain spasm -it did happen it was in 1978 or 1979) image

  • So why don't they just change it half an hour and leave it alone!
  • Karen Samuel wrote (see)


    What are you talking about???image

    ...anyone see the irony in this? image
  • I like the clocks changing. No real reason to like it but I do.

  • Tons of countries do the same, its really no big deal.

  • NIckL - Yes, yes I can
  • Google is wonderful isn't it........
  • This is what happens when the clocks go backwards...

    11 o'clcok
    12 o'clock
    1 o'clock
    1 o'clock
    2 o'clock
    3 o'clock
    4 o'clock etc

    and this is what happens when the clocks go forward... this is gonna blow your mind...

    10 o'clock
    11 o'clock
    12 o'clock
    1 o'clock
    3 o'clock
    4 o'clock
    5 o'clock etc


    Edit: I missed a word out.

  • I too remember when the clocks stayed on BST all through the year.  It was grim even in London, going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark.  You only really get a few weeks in March 'extra' daylight in the evenings - assuming a working day of approx. 9 to 5.30 with minimal commute.  
  • Karen - its OK for you - you live down south in Bromley......... until quite recently I lived at Thurso on the far north coast of Scotland.  In January & February even when the clocks do change it doesn't get light until 9.00am and goes dark again at 3.30pm.  If we stopped changing the clocks the poor folk in the far north would end up with just DARK for 3 months............ mind you, we did used to win out in the summer with virtually permanent daylight............
  • TL - Thurso! That is quite a bleak yet beautiful area of Scotland. I can imagine how gloomy it can be, yet conversely in the summer.....!
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    But changing the clocks doesn't give anyone extra hours of daylight, does it?
  • Karen Samuel wrote (see)

                                Farmers and certain workers can work longer during the day time                         

    But the number of hours of daylight does not change, so how can they work longer?  Changing the clocks doesn't magically create an extra hour of daylight anywhere.
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