Talkback: Coasting Around Britain - The Finish Line

great work guys, only us crazy brits could pull of something this insane. Cant wait for next time.


  • Yip

    last time I pulled anything that insane, it was my eximage

  • Nice 1! Pleased to have done my (little) bit image 
  • Stu wrote (see)


    last time I pulled anything that insane, it was my eximage


    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Well done everyone.  And thanks to Stu for coming up with ths crazy idea and having the tenacity to see it through to the end! image

  • good write up what an amazing journey hope the next one is not to far away.happy to have been part of this journey same goes for other runners from billingham marsh house harriers who did there little bit
  • they did a lovely piece out of bits.They did ask for a list of all the runners. Put me in a lovely position having talked about the community spirit we had and then realising that 70% couldn't be arsed to put their names on the "Roll of Honour" to enable me to provide the names of all (or most) coasters. Anyway , we done it and we cannot have everything I guess.
  • Hey, better than having never done it at all I suppose image
  • lol -just about. I am not mystic Meg but I did think a roll of honour would prove useful in the future. It was there from the start you know. Well I did ask for stuff not expecting 100% -as long as we had enough per-cent to do the relay, that was main thing. I wasn't making it up as I went along -lolimage

    Having a list of all coasters was meant to go in appendices in the book

  • anyway I am not working for a bit now and in miserable old scrote modeimageimage
  • Posted the names for the last leg on the roll of honour!
  • hey all well done.

    hope everyone had fun and that the hair has grown back.image

  • I didn't put my name on the roll of honour because I didn't feel the need to be publicly recognised for my effort Stu. Maybe that's how a lot of the participants felt. I don't think 'not being arsed' comes into it.

    It was a great thing to be part of.
  • I don't think they'd really have published the names of all of us anyway!  And have to agree a bit with Limper, it was about taking part rather than getting recognition of what we did.  image  And I think those of us that, erm, are a little louder and like to be recognised *cough* wrote up nice reports for the threads image

    Was thrilled to be part of it though, and definately made some very good friends because of it!

  • Well done to all concernedimageimageimage
  • sorry Limps & TST -have been in grumpy cynical mode latelyimage

    It is up to folk really and I do respect those who choose not to put themselves on list. They are still coasters and I am still proud of 'emimage

    Been trying not to work for this week and maybe next. Went out and didn't go buying collectibles neither. Fine now but worried about getting bored. One thing though, finally stopped fluidizing in my lungs as cold has cleared. training up and fight flab nextimage 

  • If you would like to be added to a roll-call at the end of the article, just drop Stu an email. We can add all names next week. A big well done to everyone who took part from RW!
  • Oi Dominique, I am supposed to be resting!!image

    Seriously that would be greatimage We have a load of names on Roll of Honour thread. If folks keep adding to that , one of us could do a full listimage

  • well done everyone. what is barry up to now? Perhaps he can start races, or become an ambassador for a trainer firm like paula radcliffe... 

  • Well done Stu, be proud that because of you the event actually happened, brought people together and everyone that took part felt proud to have done so!! image

    Dont get bogged down after the fact that sometimes people just want to be part of something and thats enough. Pats on the back are fine but not needed by most. image

    There's only a few that need recognition and thats yourself and all the co-ords mate!!


  • I just feel really proud to have been (a very little) part of it.
  • Yes Paul and thanks. I do get bogged a bit regarding those who want to just be part. It is me wanting   to demonstrate that I  recognise and acknowledge  that every bit is importantand I am grateful for every contribution from every coaster. More me feeling a need to recognise peops than anything else-lol imageimage

    sunluvva every little bit counts and is important. A link in a necklace (however small) goes missing it doesn't function how it shouldimage 

  • hi stu jf you want to add our names to the roll of honour none of us has any objections the people involved in our neck of the woods were  myself ,paul hughes ,john bulmer,john gray,mick good plus our support team of michelle hedley and lesley anderson
  • image..........stew fdsfds.......bugger off and take your spam with you
  • well said Saffyimage
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