Hi's the plodfather again-still racing round my living room - but I feel it won't be many moons before I venture out of the door as it's going quite well. my question would be to anybody who knows anythong about nutrition. I'm obviously running because i want to be fitter and that includes losing a bit of weight, too. is it 'safe' to eat just fruit during the day and stick to one 'main' meal later in the evening? be good to know. thanks for all replies on my previous thread by the way. gave me loads of encouragement!!!


  • Doesn't sound healthy to me, but then I'm a fat ba***rd. Having a load of calories at the end of the day is percieved to be the wrong way round, better to have a bigger breakfast and a more modest tea. In the end it's what you can stick to. I just know if I started that on a Monday by Wednesday I'd be fed up with fruit.

  • Martin/paula is right, if you have a larger breakfast u are less likely to get hungry throughout the day, plus u burn it off during the day.

    Just eating fruit all day long isn't exactly a balanced diet. If you want to lose weight then you can still eat all of the right foods but in moderation, cut out all the unhealthy fats from ur diet, ur body still needs some fat, but ensure its the healthy types ie omega 3 fats found in fish, olive oil etc. Balance ur carbs, protein, veg, fruit, calcium and healthy fats out throughout the day to give u all the nutrients u need. Lets face it if u have the discipline to stick to fruit all day (yuck!), u'll be able to stick to a healthy eating plan no probs!
  • plodfather they are right.... have a good breakfast, eat healthily, avoid pigging in the evening... and have fun with your training!!

  • a good carby breakfast helps regulate blood sugar for the day... the other thing its worth doing is taking a carb/protein mix straight after (within 10 minutes) you finish exercising, as it goes straight to your muscles

    (in reverse order of ease and palatability) - egg on toast will do it, or rice and chicken, or sports recovery bars, or milk mixed with protein powder - and I know a few people who knock back a 'slim fast' although i can't support this as i find the woman on the advert weally weally iwwitatin
  • YOu need to start the day with a good breaksfast, have a decent lunch and a light evening meal. Have snacks between. Have the snacks as your fruit ration for the day.
    As someone previously says, if you have a good meal early in the day, you stoke up the blood sugar and energy levels for exercise and brain power and also burn off the calories during the day.
    Try to make it a rule that after say, 7 pm, you won't eat any more until breakfast the next day. Most of the munching that puts weight on is done in an evening, then you sit around and it all turns to fat.
  • im not convinced by the argument thay eating late in the day is bbad for you
    if you eatvless calories than you use, you will lose weight
    having said that, not eating much for breakfast may well make you irritable, and less able to concentrate
    If you just eat fruit all day, then chances are, by the evening youll eat much more than you would have done otherwise, and not lose the weight cos youve taken in more cals than you need
    I also think it would be hard to exercise on just fruit-you need some carbs/protein
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