Waterproof clothing

Am attending a boot camp and have been asked to take Wet weather clothing (top and bottom).  Have been searching for some items that are not going to make me sweat like a pig or so at least the sweat  can escape rather than having a pool of it by your elbows!!

 Any recommendations on makes/types?



  • I have Gore Running jacket that's lasted a couple of years with almost constant wear during the colder/ wetter months. Quality is very good but comes at a price. I find if it's raining and the temps aren't so low, just getting a sleeveless jacket (gilet) is much better. Your body stays dry but you don't overheat. For this, I use something cheaper from Decathlon.
  • Look at the waterproof section on Pete Bland's website - fell runners normally take waterproofs onto the hills as emergency backup.

    Paclite or eVent waterproofs are great.

  • I'd look in outdoor shops, they tend to have more variety on waterproofs for hiking, cross country running etc.
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