Friday 29th October 2010

GobiGobi ✭✭✭
What: Swimming :¬(
Runnning lunchtime
Why: I have a Crunchie
Last hard: waiting a week for my Crunchie
Last rest: A week since my last Crunchie


  • Morning!

    What:            a short run.
    Why:              tapering/not giving in to the tiredness too much.
    Last hard:     3/10.
    Last rest:     28/10.

    Lyrics - one song springs immediately to mind but I'm not sure it's a Gobi lyric!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • mavamava ✭✭✭


    I'm well pleased it's Friday.  I hope next week is calmer.

    What: 4 miles not as easy as it should have been
    Why: wish I knew
    Last hard: everything is hard
    Last rest: 6 April

    Acolleague gave me some fresh borlotti beans from her allotment this week. I cooked them and have eaten some. Lovely tasting but not a good thing to eat if one suffers from IBS   image

    Have a good day.

    Edit:  yes, LMUH, a lyric comes to mind but it doesn't seem to be a Gobi style lyric!

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    LMH - sadly I turned on the TV in a hurry this morning before coming to the gym and that is what I heard :¬)

    2kms swum I HATE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Morning all (it just took me 4 attempts to spell "morning" properly, shows how awake I am!)

    What: 0.8 km front crawl

    Why: Trying to save my knees

    Gobi: I agree, I hate swimming too, it's so boring!  I can't let my mind wander or I lose count of lengths/breaths!  How do you cope with 2 kms!

    Yoga later, hope it'll help my aching body!

    Hopefully parkrun tomorrow, but we'll have to see if the neighbours keep me up tonight!

    This weekend I will be doing a lot of cake baking as I'm having a birthday party tomorrow image  Hopefully a catterpiller will be created out of cupcakes...we'll see if it actually works though!

    Have a good day all

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    emzap - I'm stubborn. My hate has nothing to do with boredom.
  • morning all,

    er, yes, Gobi.

    A caterpillar cupcake? Your birthday? In any case, have a good one emzap.

    mava - you and I both know that work costs dear. By your own account this has been a tough week. Running is likely to seem tough as well.

    My difficulty is that the week after a tough week I behave like a marionnette with strings severed, can't pull myself together at all, so all the wonderful things I was going to accomplish don't in fact get accomplished.

    Well, ok, I've met the running contract. This morning was 4 reps of Castle Hill, as before, with the added novelty of Lucy on my back with 2kg sugar as ballast. Lucy being the shiny new running backpack. The difference was noticeable, or maybe it was Wednesday's intervals still lurking in my hams. I feel I need to do some very specific uphill training.

    By the way mava, I did spend some time googling PD and serotonin, did find an interesting article,, Apparently it is acknowledged in some quarters that exercise has not only the effect of physiotherapy to keep muscles strong, but it also is neuro-protective. From my first reading of it, they don't quite go so far as saying it is neuro-regenerative, but that would be my guess.

    Whatever, I ain't stopping now!
  • Morning folks,

    just a quick one.  Good workout on the track last night - 2k at MP, 2k at HMP and 2 at 10k pace, each with a 400m recovery jog.  That's about the only time when MP feels easy image and it reminds me why I've never raced a 10k so far. Too painful!

    Today my throat is sore and my chest full of gunk and the old asthma is back. This sucks.  I guess a rest day is forced on me image

    stickless: I agree with mava.  We all love your eloquence and if you could only find the time (I know that's a big ask)  you could create a great blog and help other PD sufferers.  Interesting stuff excercise being neuro-protective.  Well, we all know it works wonders for you!

    Bye for now. 

  • Just stopped by home and picked up the post. Not always a treat that, but in this case it is. Leukaemia Research have invited me to their Fundraiser Awards Dinner.

    I am actually deeply touched by that. Don't feel that I did that much to earn it, the Sailing Club did that, but I can see that they can't invite all 50 of us. Ah well, I've always been able to eat for 50..

  • Hi to all

    Chick - hope your cold clears up quick. I get asthma too and colds always seem to aggravate it.   

    Madame O - XC course looks ok today. Drying out and with just a few slippery bits in the woods image

    What - nothing! image

    Why -rest day

    Lyrics - no

    Good luck to all cross country / parkrunners / road racers racing tomorrow

  • mavamava ✭✭✭
    Hey Stickless, that's great. When is the dinner?
  • MadameOMadameO ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all,

    Thanks for the info 41 - hopefully see you tomorrow! Look for a small woman with butterfly tattoos and sparkly bits on the left arm image Good luck in the men's race - what time is it?

    Happy birthday for tomorrow Emzap, if the party and cake are for you!

    Rest well Chickadeee, and hope you feel better soon.

    Another one here who would love to see a blog, Stickless. Great news on the dinner too.

    What: A couple of easy miles later

    Why: Racing tomorrow (Midland Women's XC league)

    Last hard: Tuesday

    Last rest: Yesterday

    Lyrics: Again, yes but not what I'd expect from Gobi! (LOVED yesterday's by the way. I'm a big Monkees fan).

    I'm not really in the frame of mind to be racing tomorrow. My legs feel heavy, as does my whole body (not helped by the Halloween bake sale at work today). Oh, and why are men so complicated? Or is that just me?

    Have a lovely weekend everyone, and good luck to all weekend racers.

  • You organised it Stickless - enjoy the dinner.

    MadameO - sounds a bit like taper madness.

    Baking your own cake emzap?

    I really don't enjoy the swimming either Gobi - and don't seem to make improvements commensurate with the time and effort put in.

    Chickadeee - hope you feel better soon.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Late one for me tonight. Went out later than normal because my husband joined me for the first time! image He's not taking up running full time but is doing a new fitness regime called Crossfit. Occasionally the workout calls for a 5k so he's starting slowly. He went for a whole mile tonight!

    What: 2 miles slow (11:0ish)

    Why: easing back in

    Last hard: last night

    Last rest: last Saturday

    Lyrics: I think so

    Feel better soon Chick.

  • MadameO - I will keep a look at for you at the start and I will show Mrs Hound and the kids your profile photo so they can spot you too, although the tiara and wand will be missing I guess! This will disapoint the children who will be expecting a running  fairy  image

     Mens race starts at 2:30 and I think your is at 1:45? You only have 2 laps to do, while we get 3. Why is is that with so many great women distance runners about they only do 6.8k to the mens 10.4? I  know  some of our women's team get annoyed about it (although some think it is fine). 

    My legs are still heavy and I will be well down the order in this giant race - 550 + runners and some narrow bits of course too image.  

  • Hello

    Stickless - interesting about the exercise and PD, at work i find the more I can get patients with PD to move around the more they can do for themselves (that and ensuring meds are given at the right time).  Enjoy the meal you deserve it

    No running for me today the left calf has felt stiff since wednesday. Felt better today so had a longish walk with Fizz and "power walked" up the hills as I would in some fell races.

    No parkrun tommorow, racing on Sunday instead - 8 miles Bronte way finishes in a pub!

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