Cornish Marathon 2011

Anyone else going??


  • Me (if I get my entry in on time) image

    Coming along to kick yer butt ;-D

  • Dream on mr Hindes!! Enjoyed kicking your by 10 mins at Wolverhampton way to much!!!! image get that entry in or it will cost u a extra fiver on the day! U ain't getting out of this one boyo!!
  • I've got my excuses lined up ready ;-p
  • ha ha you usually do! image
  • Looks like I will be doing this one.......this was the last marathon I ran in 2007 and then out for the next 2 years with stress fractures.....funny that!

    Muzza - Great time at Devon....sub3 here too?
  • hello stranger!! I knew you were having probs, glad to see you back, thats the plan but all depends on the conditions, can be rough up there!
  • Its a real toughie all right, but I do love this marathon and did 2:56 in 2007 which was probably my best all time marathon run.

    Far less ambitious this time and looking for just under 3.15 to get an old codger GFA.

    Thats 3 of us then, anymore for anymore?
  • 2.56 is awesome on this course m8, be good t catch up!!

    Got any others planned??
  • I'll see whats left of me after the Cornish!! Would like to get back down to sub3 again, maybe Taunton April 2011?

  • you will!! Ill be there mate, got a few planned but entered berlin for september I hope to go for it there.
  • Yeah hopefully use the slingshot effect of Cornwall to sort out the training for a good Autumn marathon and tend to run well at Taunton. Have always fancied Berlin marathon, an interesting city and a fast fast marathon.

    Just back from last 10 miler around the foothills of Tiverton, farms with alpachas everywhere. A few more easy runs next week and then Pensilva here we come. Hope the weather is something like today - ideal.

    Have you come across this 'thing' - technically speaking - where you run and eyes-out fast mile run on the Thursday, which supposedly really boosts your carbo load? Thinking of going it a go - Am I sounding desperate yet!

  • Just for the record Muzza, I'm just lookin for a course pb................ I should be good to beat 3:40 shouldn't I?
  • Iain, you could break 3.40 if you swam to bideford from braunton biked tp pensilva then run it ya muppet!! here we go.........wating for the excuses to come.........

    Ouch, Berlin is fast but I still think amsterdam is better, flat dont really suit me to be honestso must get on the bike to strenghten the quads for the constant flat, did berlin in 2003 so I know what to expect.

    Not heard to the fast mile thing, but I do know carb depletion sun-wed then carb load works, its hard and you feel like crap it can also pick up a cold as you deplete. dont do it anymore, I just eat really healthy now till friday then sat carboload a bit, not much tho, seem to run better not feeling to bloated by carbs! I use gels and have a good breakfast so that seems to be working of late, 2.56 at wolves 3.02 at eden and a 2.56 the week after at D Vale then a 1.20.00 at stroud half the wk after that seems to work!! but does show to me I should be running faster than 2.56, thats why I eneterd berlin! only just recovered from it tho!!

    Iain, Dont forget that Ironman Kona medal......I wanna see it!! Ill text you later in wk about lift etc.

  • Entry conformation received last week image
  • Keep reminding my about the medal Muzza, I've got a head like a sieve............ Going to be taking some video as I go round for any t'internet geeks that are interested image. Might get an in car chat with a regular sub 3hr boy on the way down because you might not be talking to me on the way back image
  • You I will be able to get a word in??? That will be a 1st! image ok mate see you Sunday I'll call ya Friday and sort times out
  • Marathon haircut sorted...nothing to do with the video Iain honest - but if yiou can catch the left side. Is it time yet to start to worry about the weather?
  • Could be OuchOuch! Parts of the course are flooded!!!!!
  •  Barry the baton will be with me if gets very bad I'll use him as float image

  • That Valley Runner is such a wuss.........
  • Im sure it will clear come sunday, another day like last year please! image
  • last year was perfect and out of the blue, if I remember right it was pouring down in the days before.
  • Paul a - At least I don't carry a girly bottle around with me image
    You can refill it from the puddles image
  • OuchOuch - I really hope that haircut hasn't been brought on by the promise of a video, there's no Channel 4 documentary, just an idiot with an ipod nano.

    They're VERY rough and ready, there's very little editing and they normally bounce around so much you get seasick. If I do run/walk which is highly likely there also tends to be far too many nostril shots..

    For example -

  • Does anybody know anywhere that sells running waders? image
  • It will be fine....... Trust me!!

    Iain, reply to the text!! Run walk my arse!!!
  • Iain - you've got a niche there, that looks good, more than I can say for my new haircut, my hairdresser clearly misunderstood the word 'trim' to 'I want to look like a nutter'.

    After raising the issue of the weather, a biblical flood of the area within 24 hours - I must be a god. BBC says a bit parky at max 6C min 1C and sunny - so not bad at all.

    Last run this evening, 2 miles slow, 1 mile thats it now...time for the decaff coffee/ tea...Time for some more bread...munch munch munch.

  • Iain - Congrats on the 2nd place by the way, 27C!!!!!!!
  • OH don't worry he will have an excuse for only being 2nd, no matter what it was in!!!! image
  • Your just jealous Muzza, another mile he would have won it! I now have visions of Iain continually running past by and stopping as I try and avoid my own run/ walk strategy.

    Having not run a marathon for 3 years and only one race in that time, the noise of a few desultory handclaps and the piounding of feet makes it all a bit real now....Temp watch 7C predicted for Sunday clear and crystal clear visibiliy.
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