Snowdonia Marathon 2011

Right - I'm sitting on the sofa as a late DNS for this year's event image

So - in tribute to all the guys out tackling the mountain tomorrow, here's next year's thread, with the correct spelling of camaraderie, as requested, T-Rex.

Good luck everyone image

I'll be there in 12 months to get this monkey off my back image


  • In the same boat Frodo,  we will have to wait for the highlights on TV.
  • hi too, lets hope its different next year image
  • See you all next year. Sounds from a brief skim of last years thread that new route is a winner? Plenty of people PB'ing.

  • Another person who sat the 2010 race out on the bench, my excuse a broken toe.

    It sounded so much fun with all that thunder and hail, I bet it'll be all rubbish and sunny next year!
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    I ache image but it was worth it!

    had a bit of a shock yesterday as it was the first time i've ever felt that i could quite happily stop during a race and started thinking never again (damn those quieter sections of the course!), so so glad i didn't...looking forward to next year already image

  •  Hi all

    Just put last post on old threadimage

    Can't wait for next year Panad Glad you didn't stop for a while there was using seeing you in the distance to carry on!!!

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    now you mention it that may have been part of the problem TR38 - when i dropped back from you and TRex I was using the sight of you being just in front to keep going, trying not to let the gap get larger, before you dropped back and TRex opened up the gap and i eventually lost sight of him, that's when it got a lot harder.... (nothing to do with having run 17+miles already of course image )

  • Hey, it's just like old times..I'm in for next year even though I had a bit of a struggle with various germ type things!!
    Sorry about you having to pull out folks-nearly had to myself and felt gutted so can only imagine how you feel. Anyway, the only way is up..and up
  • brer rabbit wrote (see)
    . Anyway, the only way is up..and up Brer
    What about coming down the other side, Brer? image

    Just read your race report on the 2010 thread - can't believe you sub-4d with those issues, awesome! image

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    was about a week after last years race that this years entries opened i think, so not long......

  • WeVWeV ✭✭✭
    I'm thinking of doing this next year. I did London and Chester this year (my first two) and have Brighton and Windermere lined up for next year but really want to have a go at this.

    Looks a lot of fun (kind of).
  • My first and last marathon this year eh.

    Maybe just one more next year to prove I can do 4hr 30min....or is it the wine talking.

  • Another classic set of challenging weather conditions this year. The only thing I haven't experienced in this race in the last 4 years is snow!!!

    Will also have to try to beat my 2009 time: I missed it this year by 10 seconds - gutting! Aiming for sub-3:50 in 2011.....

  • Mr Ben wrote (see)

    My first and last marathon this year eh.

    Maybe just one more next year to prove I can do 4hr 30min....or is it the wine talking.

    I had a 'first and last' marathon in 2005.

    Couldn't run a mile when I entered but after training , hobbled round the Cardiff Marathon in 5.37.

    One year later and I finished the same marathon in 4.31.

    I've now done 11 (including three Snowdonias) with a PB of 4.17 .

    Damn addictive this marathon running image

  • Saturday's marathon was my 8th in 4 years (and my 4th Snowdonia) - it is, without doubt, the best marathon by far and it is the only marathon that I will do every year - I guess I am lucky to have it on my doorstep?

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    I'll be there - this event is one of my "regulars".  Don't know in what capacity, though - let the side down a bit this year after 3 consecutive 3:59s - a 4:11.

  • I'm not letting the wine or TRex talk me into this one....but I'll quite happily string along for the ride on the forum because I like you all lots!!! Panad...lovely to meet you and what a cracking time!!! you must be chuffed!'re a true gent and it was lovely to meet you too. TR38 well done matey!!! that hail was something wasn't it!!!

  • Oh Trex-you are here now..just posted you on old forum..image
  • You can count me in again for this one and T Rex you can put me down for a 3:40 finish for 2011imageimage
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    yes DinaMo, v chuffed with my time image annoyed everyone at work this morning grinning away to myself!

    definitely up for it next year again, and even if life has other plans and i can't do it for any reason I'll be hanging around on the forum - it's definitely the place to beimage

    I spose after this year you'd better put me down for that sub 4 for 2011 TRex  image

  • Whoo hoo Roll on next October.

    Forewarned is forearmed......

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    I don't normally start the list until about August/September. 

    This is the only events thread, that I know at any rate, that seems to happily keep up all year round.  Now in its fourth year.

  • image
  • I'm in going for sub4 again T-reximage
  • Pops her head around the door to say up for it again.....the pain has subsided into happy memroies!!!!!!  Another sub four for me aswell image
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    I take it that's a yes then, Andrea?

  • Anyone know the date for this in 2011?? Thinking of doing Dublin on the Monday 31st oct, so hoping it's on the sat 29th then can drive up and ferry across to Dublin. Fingers crossed, could just work out!?
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    I reckon it will be on 29th. That's what people used to do with the "triple" when SNOD was on a Sunday. (Having driven from Beachy Head Saturday afternoon image.)
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