Snowdonia Marathon 2011



  • Some heavy snow flurries here and was bloomin cold this morning ....a little slippery under foot but improved as the sun came through......managed to get an 11 mile run in with a few tempo miles....legs feel fine but genarally feeling tired ....maybe this cold is going to do the rounds in my house nowimage  Recovery run in the morning and then going to brave to make a serious start on the xmas shoppingimage

    Andrea i can just hear the comments in the local should one of the balls go flying down through the village with you inside imageimage  

    TR38...hope the leg improves.....have you managed to get it looked at ??

  • Nicola..done all mine, all wrapped and ready to go-go!! Can't be done with last minute frenzy so I am OCD about Xmas stuffimage
  • Brer  ....temporary halt called tp the Xmas shopping.......thought i would nip out for a little run this morning ...that was after sorting out my daughter who managed to lock her keys in the car while it was running with her handbag in there and no spare set.....hmmmmm lovely way to wake up!!!! Six mile recovery run was going well until 3 miles from home the peace and quiet of the country lanes turned into a complete white out .....blizzard conditions and the snow settled instantly....,....thoroughly enjoyed the run though was so quiet......chaos whan i got back though as had to get the kids from schools as they were closing not one bit of Xmas shopping done....hey ho ...the intention was there ....maybe next week image
  • Arrrh I HATE SNOW

    All the slipping and sliding up and down the hill where we live has made my knee and leg hurt worse than ever. image  so not even any image training possible.

    Oh well might as well get a bottle of wine and some crisps on the way home.

    Hope some of you manage to stay sane this weekend image

  • *slinks back into the thread*

    image I wouldn't feel guilty about the crisps and wine, Chrissi - I haven't run for well over a week because of work stuff. I'm taking this as a fallow period before gearing up for my Paris marathon training.

    *slinks back out again*

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    going slowly crazy here as not made it out for a run all week, had a week I'd quite happily forget for several reasons in fact image, not helped by minor detour into a small ditch/wall with the car in snow this am image  no real damage done and i was very grateful to the 2 lovely men who helped us out of the ditch.  got bollocked by mr panad (after he'd checked me, our daughter and car were fine) for going through the country lanes to work, does he really think i'd've gone that way if it had been even thinking about snowing when i left the house???  how was i supposed to know that 10 mins later the world would suddenly be instantly white image 

    ah well, as i say no real damage so extremely grateful for that image

    hoping to get out into the hills this weekend to get rid of some frustration....

    rant over, happy running everyone, especially if you're racing this weekend!

  • I have had the wine and the crisps and am on the second bottle of wine and dont feel the least bit guilty ......what else is there to do in the snowimageimageimage.....????
  • I'm with you NQ! It's chilly here but no snow.  Marlborough Downs Challenge date confirmed 14th May and I'm well up for it.....may see some of you there image
  • Wellllllllllll i've demolished 2nd bottle of wine, off to the pub now..but i did do a sneaky 6 miler tonight after being sent home from work early due to snow...i live 8 miles from work and absolutley NO snow here!!!!
  • Brer/Frodo - just seen that the Clowne Half tomorrow has been cancelled, so won't see you there (sorry, haven't had chance to read back to see if you were still planning on running!).   Shame, but understandable in these days of insurance claims!

    Next decent race for me should be the Christmas Cracker at Leek - can really recommend that as a crazy way to finish the year!   Hope it doesn't snow this year and that we can actually get onto the Roaches.   Fab event   image  

    Remember, as our esteemed friend FR says (I think it was FR), there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.   Enjoy the snow image

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    There seems to be a lot of drinking going on on this thread at the moment.  I raise my glass to you all.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    btw I'm going to so engineer it that SNOD 2014 will be my 100th marathon.  It will be a cause for extra post-race celebrations.

    You heard it here first.  Hopefully the thread will still be going strong then.

  • T Rex- I'll drink to that. image

    Just found out that tomorrow's hilly race is ON, despite the snow and ice, but apparently some doubt as to whether you can reach the start/ car park by carimage. Extended warm up it is thenimage

  • NQ- just heard that Ras y Mast has been CANCELLED due to the weatherimageimageimage
  • Hi all, chaos on all race fronts then! Cheers SD for 'heads up' re. Clowne but TBH I had already canned it on Friday night..did not fancy the M1 at 8am on Sunday morning with that weather forecast!  It is like a skating rink around what do we do for fun now??

    My next one is Turkey Trot Half in December..if I can do any training before thenimage

    TRex-that will be one almighty celebration boyo!!

  • *sneaks back in - still not running* image

    I can't even blame the weather - it's just life stuff getting in the way. But I might be making some fairly dramatic changes soon - big meeting with the boss on Monday, so will know more after that. Then hopefully I can get back to plodding...

    Great to hear about the 2014 plan, Trex image 

  • BRRRRR!!!!! What a day! Set out in the car for Pendine beach to find somewhere to do a long run avoiding the snow. Car registered temp at -7cimage. Got to beach to find the area was free of snow, but the tide had left a metre-wide band of ice behind as it had retreated down the beachimageimage Never seen anything like it on this scale before- the edges of the sea resembled a Slush Puppy!! Had a good run though, but it is always mentally tough running this beach- totally featureless and you can see the start/finish from about 4m away! Only incident was finding that the water in the mouthpiece of my hydration pack had frozen! Left and drove back to find that at home the temperature had risen to a sunny -2cimage 16m in 1:55.05 splits: 8:04 7:20 7:28 7:21 7:06 7:15 7:09 7:18 7:17 7:14 7:11 7:18 7:15 7.04 6.55 6.50 (0.43m "warm" down- warm? yeah right!)image
  • JD ....i have one thing to say.....................................BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRave man image

    No run for me today ......compressed my weekly runs to allow a night out at dinner and dance .......was bloody freezing in skimpy ball gowns but the hot toddies soon warmed us up image

  • Me brave??? I wasn't the one in a skimpy ball gown!image I had my tights and long sleeved top on with wooly hat and TWO pairs of gloves! Can't believe that I left my jacket at home by mistake though....image
  • Evening all.

    Still no running here going Locoimage But determined to let my leg recover fully. I see the snow causing all kinds of chaos even had a bit here in Rhyl!! Ice every where so picked a good time to take a recovery break!image On the plus side leg feels ok.

    T-rex  Love the plan!

    Frodo good to here from you sure you will be up and running soon can't keep a good hobbit downimage

    JD rather you than me!!

    NQ went out with Mrs TR38 Friday night in Shirt and was cold....brave girl in skimpy ball gownimage

  • Its relatively mild here in Hampshire! 8.5 miles through the trees with me dog today.

    TRex...I shall be there for that  image

  • 6 miles of trail running through the woods at -4 degrees with a couple of club mates for me!   Really glad of thermal running gear and felt really good.   It was much less slippy underfoot than I had anticipated - think because we haven't had much rain recently, so ground dry and frosty - and fabulous running in such weather!  Great fun image 
  • 9 miles around the local park for that is featureless!! But hey, running in snow is exciting and I had forgotten how dirty my Kanadias were after Race The Train..first outing for them since Augustimage..also had forgotten how good they are for 30quid!

    Cheers folks, have a safe weekimage

  • 12 miles here for me today......went out at 9.30am with the intention of running then after dropping oldest teenager at was registering -7.5 so i wimped out and went home for a few hours...made it out about 12.30.....down to same beach as Jason but only for a mile jog on it ,'s 5.5 miles from my house to the beach so was 12 in total! Had two baselayers, a jacket, a buff, a fleecy headband / earwarmer type thingy, gloves and was lovely and warm!!! Felt strong today and managed my fastest ever 12 miles by a whole 9 seconds without really pushing myself.
    Looking forward to a race or two.....aberyswyth 10k next weekend (weather permitting) and Helsby half in january...need a few more on the horizon i think!!!
    Good running / drinking / ballgowning all!!!
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    OK, I'm up for Marlborough Downs Challenge - no longer a diary clash.  14 May.  Will fit in nicely before the Housman 100 two weeks afterwards.

    There is a thread for it but you will have to go to the "Gasp! Unconventional running" topic.

    -17C in mid Wales Saturday night and quite cold down here. The coldest I've been out in was -15 in 1985 when I was a milkman and collecting milk £ standing shivering on doorsteps. I seem to remember a few bad winters in those days.  There was one occasion when I got my milk float hopelessly stuck in a snowdrift on a country lane.  Had to walk back two miles to the depot to get the pick-up.  Tried to tow the float out but got the pick-up stuck as well.  Back another two miles to the depot (no mobile phones then) to get the boss who came with his tractor to pull both vehicles out - he wasn't best happy.  But I did walk to the two houses right at the end of that lane to give them their milk.

  • T-Rex......i am swinging towards opting for the marlborough downs challenge but am looking for a running partner as i havent done one of these before a little concerned about loosing my way!!!!
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    I'm sure I could come to some sort of arrangement about that!  I am a bit slower than you, though.  And I am going to have to take particular care that I don't get lost in the same place as in '08.  Got around in the end in 5:55, but only 3/4 shoe on one foot.  Very detailed route instructions (LDWA-style) will go up on the website but it is a good idea to transfer the route on a map to carry around as well. 
  • -17 Trex..that sure is cold. Braved it out last evening in -8 and again tonight..not sure about temp..but sure glad of my new fabtastic running top (not a coat)...white-out predicted for the midlands tonight!

    A smal trot for Brer tomorrow evening followed by Christmas cake making..sultanas brewing in brandy as we speakimage

  • T-rex ...i dont know about a bit slower than you .....i would say more like evenly paced !!!!  Also will be my first attempt at anything over the marathon mark ....but it is beginning to sound like a plan.....i will begin to investigate what i need image

    Brer the Xmas cake making sounds fun.........i would be eating the sultanas now though ....i woulnd be bale to resist.  

    Well went out in freezing conditions today with all good intention of doing a long run ......16 miles ......but realised i had forgot my water so had to come back and start over again .....and ran out of time then for my lift back home but managed a frosty 13.6 miles on a new route......didnt realise it was quite as hilly but was a welcome change  ....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  ......dont think there will be much more running with the forecast that is being given so i think some indoor x-training may on the cards.  Was hoping to get a long run done coz still have Gloucester marathon in mind but will see what next week brings.  Aber 10 km at the weekend (weather permitting) ...tis gonna be a cold one and really not sure i have got my 10km legs back in working order yet .......they are certainly preffering the longer runs these daysimage

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    I'll try to remember what I used for Marlborough.  Wasn't much.  Offroad/trail shoes a must.

    Our cake is made - fruit was soaking in 180ml rum and brandy for a week.  I'll be making the figgy puddings soon - mine are legendary.  In fact I seem to remember someone on the SNOD thread wanting the recipe last year.  Wonder who that was?

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