Snowdonia Marathon 2011



  • Don't know who it was Trex..but I'll have it if you dont minding posting it-never made figgy pudding beforeimage
  • Hi all

    Need to run!!! Still resting leg plan on another 5days before I go out on the roads!! Fed up of cross training!!image

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    brer - OK, I'll sort it out in a day or two.
  • Cheers Trex-just done 6 miles in a very slow 70 mins-up to my knees in snow, 3 lots of aiding car drivers stuck on hills..but how fantastic is running in the snow.Returned home to smell of cake baking in the is magical at timesimage

    Oh-got to get to work tomorrow somehowimage and it aint looking good out there

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Better post something.  Don't think the thread has ever had a day when there hasn't been a post - can't break the habit of three years.

    Hope you're not all lost in the snow.

  • Hi all

    Belvoir Challenge 26, north-east Leicestershire, will take place on Saturday 5th March 2011. Anyone doing this event or has anyone done it on previous years, I've booked my place for 2011.
  • Up to my neck in the white stuff! How are things your way Trex?
  • Only a dusting of the white stuff here .......fell last Friday and hasnt shifted .....but to say it is baltic is somewhat of an understatementimage   Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  went for an 8 mile early morning run yesterday and wasnt to bad until the turn around to come home and then boy it was windy and so cold the wate rin my bottle turned to ice it was like a slush puppy by the time i got home......can see our end of year fast flat 10km race being cancelled at this rate......mind you i wasnt looking forward to the pain of 10 km races again anywayimage

    Hope you are all surviving the not the least bit jealous...had enough of the snow drifts and being cut off earlier in the year.....mind you woulnt mind a nice covering for Christmasimageimage

  • The Beacons are calling, I'm off to Brecon tomorrow for the 40 mile ultra to be staged on Saturday. The original route has been altered due to sheet ice on very high ground, however, the revised route is no walk in the park. I better not forget to pack my woolly hat and gloves ..............
  • Stephen-you take care there, doesnt sound much fun to meimage
  • BR - Cheers, I'l let you know how I get on.

  • Good luck Stephen ..........i should think it will be nothing short of brrrrrrrrrrrrrracing on the running image
  • NQ2 - Thanks for your support.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hardly any snow where I am - but enough for schools to be closed for two days.  Better stop before a rant comes on.

    stephen k - all the best for Saturday.  You're definitely somewhere out there on the lunatic fringe doing that event in these conditions!  Brecon will be -8C tonight.  Shouldn't be too much mud on the course, anyway.

  • T Rex - Cheers, although it will still be cold, the temperatures are set to rise a little on Saturday. They have forecast +4 with sleet/snow/rain, a bit of everything I think.

    Your right about the mud conditions should be ok underfoot. The team of organisers have worked tirelessly this week amending the original route to ensure the course is safe eliminating unnecessary risk due to thick ice.

    With any luck I should be able to report back to you on Sunday. Thanks again for your support everyone, enjoy your weekend.

    I'm off for a vindaloo and chips.
  • Phew, vindaloo and chips sounds great in this temp. Area around me is gridlocked, no cars, no idiots, temperature set to go to -12 tonight and it is beautifulimage. Managed 10 miles tonight on gritted roads and trails, awesome. Knackered now though but loving it, bring on a bit more of the white stuffimage


  • No proper running for me this week, just trotting across the fields with my dog in wellies image ..... I'll rephrase that .... I was the one in wellies, not my dog!!!     Also testing out my headtorch, which is fab, so looking forward to some proper off-road night running now!!

    Club XC this weekend - pretty boring route, but good training and I know I'll be totally outclassed, so it's a case of how far round the course I can get before I'm lapped!!   Running in the North Midlands XC League, our Club is in Division 3, but the ladies all run together (Divisions 1 - 3) so I'll be in the company of much younger, and far speedier, ladies from clubs like Birchfield Harriers etc etc.

    AGTFSNOD11 (sorry, couldn't resist image)

  • SDimage

    NQ- Can't see any problem with Aber- almost certainly be on - forecast looking good- see ya thereimage

    Not much running for me since Sunday- snowed under (sorry) with work/ research/ conferences at the momentimage

  • Ooooooooohhhh JD im thinking of giving it a missimage....serioulsy havent got my 10km legs back in working order yet......and 10km is painfull enough on fast legsimage

    Club run tonight in frrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesing -8c it was colddddddddddddd .........but somehow quite niceimage

    NQ slopes off to bed knowing full well she will see JD on Sunday but is dreading the pain of fast pace racing againimage

  • Hi All

    Knee seems alot better last 2 days was walking ok again and not a twinge today though maybe a weeks worth of ibuprofen hasn't worn off yet image fingers crossed i can stop being a couch potato next week. 

    Good luck in Aber JD and NQ and SK4 think your bonkers but good luck anyway. image SD go go in the XC our club ladies are 4th in N Wales Div 2 and the men look set to win Div 1 me i'm too chicken to join in image speed is not my forte.

    Have a great weekend everyone

     Chrissi x

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    brer - you have mail
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Good luck to Brecon 40 participants!!  Another 4" snow tonight. Come back safely.

    A first for me.  Seeing a sports injury specialist on Monday.  Got a bad achilles tendon.  I just hope she doesn't find anything else wrong while she's at it.

    I'm starting to get very edgy because of all this non-running.

  • Good luck with the sports specialist on Monday T-rex....hope it goes well and you have some one who is sympathetic to a runners mind image  Terrible conditions here ...absolutely no where safe to run .....sheet ice everywhere so at the moment am not hopefull our 10km will even be an enforced day off for me today...image

    Stay safe everyone image

  • imageCheers Trex-all the best for Monday, hope specialist can put you together again must be going stir crazy with all this snow to hoof around in on your adventures.

    Well, training goes on for Turkey Trot Half next week but I fear it will be cancelled along with all other events at the moment. A very gentle 15 miler today with full concentration especially after some old dear nearly wiped me out with her lethal weapon-a brand spank new Range Rover.

    Echo NQ-stay safe and all the very best to you ultra nutters doing the Brecon 40. I'll pop over with some cocoa and mince piesimage

  • imageBrer take careimage  brand new landrovers are the worst culprits for not taking care where i live.....if you see one in the best of conditions it is a good idea to leap into the hedgeimage Well have just about survived the 4 year olds birthday party this was touch and go but we braved the icey conditions and vetured out and good fun was had by all and a lot of jumping on bouncy castles was acomplished!!!!

     Looking like the sea front 10 km is on for tomorrow so no doubt will report back some time tomorrow pm on the painful 6 miles that i have run........god i am serioulsy beginning to dislike 10 km races image   i now know my journey is changing paths .......the longer distances are so much easier to endure .....and on top of that i may find the journey over to the dark side far easier than i ever anticiapted could be good night vienna for road racing !!!!!!  who knows imageimageimage

  • Good luck Nicola, I'm with you on the 10k races..I did loads before going on to half marathons..but find those tiresome now...don't know as I'll ever do the ultra stuff though-they seem really demanding in many waysimage

    Look forward to report tomorrow


  • NQ- image Game on for tomorrow!! 10k's not that bad- only just above lactate threshold- It's the 5ks and shorter that I worry about - they really hurt! In fact, the hardest race I've ever run so far was a 400mtr (only on this thread would you have to add the "tr" to the "m" to avoid confusion, btw- lol!!!) where I was physically sick, thought i was going to pass out and unable to get my breath for a good few minutes- ah, the good old days!image

    May feel the same after tomorrow's run though, as I'm gunning for my first sub 40 10k - there I've said it now- gulp!imageimageimage

    No training to speak of this week either- at least I'll be fresh!image

    MONDAY!!!!!! is the start of my 18 week London training shedule too- can't do the volume I'd like to at this time of year, so going with the P&D 70-85mpw schedule, but after building up to the 100m+ weeks for Snod, i'm going to push the pace a little on the long runs/ tempo runs and see how that works out-??

  • JD yes it is looking like its game on and there wont be any excuses.......good to have some fresh legs and i dont doubt youll get your sub 40 its strange isnt it i dont mind the 5km races so much ......the pain is over in half the time image  Have no idea how i will do i really dont feel ready to be back to 10km race pace so wont be putting any expectations on myself ......just go for the run around and some good companyimage
  • Hi all

    Good luck you guys racing tomorrow, No snow here now but roads like glass again tonight car slid twice on way home!!image but ok.

    T-rex I'm with you very edgy no running for me for 2 weeks tomorrow!! leg seems ok will try small run in morning to gage where it's at image if not good physio for me toimage

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Bionic bt?  Stephen K?  You OK, guys??
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