Snowdonia Marathon 2011



  • Well, it's not even a week since the event and we are all nailing our colours to the mast and declaring our commitment to next yearimageimage Fantastic..and may this fab thread run and run until then.

    SD-I think you asked me about Clowne a while ago and I wasn't sure at the time..but entry gone in today.It's too sweet a toddle to miss-are you doing Keyworth Turkey Trot Half?

    DM-have great news..OH finally decided we are good to go for a new dog...we are going to go for a foreign fling at Christmas then acquire a pooch-hurrrrraaaaaaaahhhhhh-boy, it had better be able to run!

    Off to unpack shopping now..image

  • T-rex the marlborogh 33 sounds a bit more like it ......all sounds a bit more of a gentle ease into the ultra business....i will be looking into it!!!!!   Sheeeeeeeeesh i know im madimage

    Brer ...i have two whippets and they will go for mileeeeeeeeeeeeeees with me .....great on the ealry early morning runs down in the welsh valleys and they can run along off lead.  They love it image  and they are still always clean when we get home so even betterimage

    Well done a couple of little runs but legs are still tired and got a couple of little tight spots so that dreaded roller is coming out tonight and battling against the gale force winds weve been having has not made for enjoyable running ...hopethe weekend brings a bit better conditions image

    Are we to assume the race next year is going to be on the same weekend .....?????  29th Oct ???

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hi nicola.  All I can say is ... watch out for metal spikes hidden in the long grass!!  (Mind you I was off-piste at the time, so my fault really.)

    It's all about keeping the momentum up between now and 29 Oct.

    SNOD is usually my last event of the year, after which I plan my next year's races.  Looks like it's going to be about 4 marathons and 7 ultras, interspersed with a few short things.

  • I still think Cornish marathon is tougher than Snowdon, I need remindidng so I am definatly coming next year, not done this sinse 2004, ill be doing eden and dartmoor vale again just before tho, cant miss marathons on ya doorstep, its rude!! image 

    as for time....ask me 28th oct next year, but 3-3.15 would be great!

    Already pre entered about 6 marathons next year, there all getting pricey nowadays! image

    Trex, 7 ultras??? I only do 1 a year, usually dartmoor Discovery, 7??? thats great!

    Does anyone have any good accomodation for this? stayed free in the fire station last time on pool room floor, my mate no longer runs who got us that so if anyone has a good suggestion would be appreciated.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Muzza - I've heard that debate but have done both SNOD and Cornish several times and I reckon SNOD tougher by about 10 minutes.

    Yes, DD!  That was my first and nearly last ultra, in fact when I finished I thought it was going to be the last thing I'd ever do on earth.  Got a 50K and 39.3-miler lined up (road).  The rest are offroad outings of various lengths.

  • Ran SNOD this year (for the first time) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I ran it in my vibram fivefingers and they performed very well (though there were a few scary moments on the grassy descent at the end!). Will more than likely enter next year and look forward to following this thread.
  • Just managed to catch up with the forum after a hectic week since coming back from wales.Wasn't sure which forum to post on so i thought i would go with the new one.What a great race it was again this year, i thought the crazy weather just added to the excitement on the day. Some great times been posted on here, as for me, well i was heading for my predicted time of 4.15 until i started to tackle the beast at mile 22 when i started to cramp up really bad which reduced me to a strange sort of walk/crawl until i got to the top of the hill, then after some water and some encouragement from the excellent marshalls i managed to run down to llanberis in the hailstorm to cross the line in 4.26, bit slower than i wanted but as always in this race i was just glad to finish and get my piece of slate to add to the collection.

    It was good to catch up with trex again and i hope you will be leading the sub 4ers again next year as i hope to get some more hill training in next year and have another crack at this brill marathon in your group.

    Enjoyed the kareoke in padarn lake! would have joined you on stage but my singing is even worse than my running! Still me and my mate got nicely drunk whilst listening to your dulcet tones.

    Can't wait for next year to get my 4th bit of slate for the mantlepiece.  

  • R36 - I think I saw you walking to the start - I saw the Vibrams and I couldn't help thinking to myself "rather him than me" - particularly with the "offroad" section just after PYG and near the top of the Bwlch-y-groes in mind. [That said there was a chap who ran it barefoot last year!!]
  • John - The vibrams were great and really I had no problems. Even on the slippy bits I probably didn't fare any worse than those in running shoes. Yes, I read about the guy who ran barefoot. I run all the time in VFF's but don't think I'll transition to barefoot.
  • Richard i saw someone in vibrams running in the second half of the race.....did you change into another pair of them or take them off at somepoint ...the guy i saw was doing some adjustment to his on the side of the road.  I saw another guy also running in barefoot shoes..he was making some strange sloshing sounds during the heavy dain pours.image

    T-rex ....when you are doing mulitple marathons and ultras how do you go about tapering and then building back up ?????  Are you perpetually training for long distance running doing that number per year??? Or following any kind of programme??...........In case you are wondering why i asking the cogs in my brain are tickingimage  

  • Nicola - I did come across a guy who was also running in VFF's. I passed him on the Llanberis Pass. I think it must have been him that you saw.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    nicola - I don't really follow a formal training programme as such.  For me training can be sparse at times and therefore I often have nothing to taper from!  I do try to tie in my long runs with whatever long event is coming up.  I do low mileage and usually only 2-3 runs/week.  Basically I just enjoy my running.

    Glad you've emerged OK, RR.  Better make sure I do 4 hours next year by the looks of it. There seems to be quite a few takers for this magic number already.

  • Hey T Rex.

    Ever thought about London to Brighton? A bit pricey but a great day out

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Never fancied getting to BIg Ben for 0600 start.  And where would I put my tent - Parliament Square?
  • Definately doing this again next year! This was my third Snowdonia Marathon and by far the most enjoyable. Got my pacing just right so I felt strong up over Waun passing several fellow runners on the up and down the otherside.

    The new section down Nant Gwynant slowed me down a little and helped protect the quads.

    Going to have to train specifically for this next year rather than just cram in last minute log runs!

    Sub 3:15 for me next year!! 3:23 this tear when aiming for sub 3:30!!

    Trex did you post a predicted/actual time list for this years Snod?

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    No, I haven't ... image ... yet.

    I'll work on it.

    If folks could give their race numbers as well, then I'll get a list up.  Although it is a little bit early.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Thinking about that, arch s, I  take it you meant my expected/actual 4:00 pacing chart?  It's not good form to post lists of forumites with their actual times - and besides that would really open up the chip time/gun time debate!
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Because I would be posting gun times ...
  • Hey guys, I contacted Jayne at marathon HQ and she has confirmed it will be 29th October next yearimage. Ok, when does the training start?

    Can anyone recommend a really good winter jacket ie warm, waterproof but not bulky? Sportsshoes are doing a bit of a sale but I cant really tell how good these things are from their blurb. Will need it for kind of 8pm January evening type weather. Cheers for any info.

  • Brer .....thanks for posting the confimed date.....woohooooo its going on the calender and work days will be booked off asapimage  I have a gore windstopper jacket which is by far the best buy i have.  Not bulky folds into a little pouch warm and better still very waterproof.  I  have a montane marathon jacket aswell and although this is lighter weight it is not as warm or as waterproofimage

  • Hi all.....loving this thread already!!image

    Been suffering with a cold since Monday but feeling a lot better today, so going out for my first run since snod in the morning. Legs feeling good again!!

    Well my next race Conwy half on 21st of this month so back to some early morning.......dark.....cold......runs for me over next couple of weeksimage. Then no more racing till next year.

    T-rex  Malborogh 33 sounds intresting............image

  • Trex I agree with your comments (apart from the gun time!) I think I may have been in the minority in beating my expected time threrefore on an ego trip!

    TR38 I too am suffering from a severe cold headache, sore throat runny nose you name it. (and Conwy half looming fast!)

  • Brer- I've got a Montane jacket- but tbh- rarely wear it- get too hot

    First post Snod run tonight- 4m recoveryimage- great to run again!! Spent all this week recovering from manflu, so great to get out. Really p****d off that got a bug on race day after 18 weeks of hard training for this year's Snod, but happy (now) to get a 1 min CB under those conditions and looking forward to next yearimage

    Anyway- off to train like mad for a sub 3 VLM, starting early December now.......imageimageimage

    Then Abingdon,

    Then Snod again!!image

    btw TRex- hoping to be competitive(ish) in Abingdon and Snod - all being well....

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭



  • Either London or Abingdon, but not snod- gonna get 1 of them or I'm taking up darts againimage
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    My marathons will probably be Cork, Dingle (Co. Kerry), Abingdon, and SNOD.  Cork or Abingdon will be a sub-3:35 PB attempt.

    In 12 years of running haven't worn a waterproof jacket to run in yet.  Got the OMM Kamleika jacket but haven't tested it - perhaps I ought to.  My favourite two pieces of kit are both Gore - Air jacket, and N2S L/S top (both windproof).

  • Hardly ever train in waterproof jackets- but never raced- now and again trained in the dark in  luminous jackets - can't imagine ever racing in one cos would get too hot!!
  • Trex, sounds like I am as bad as you, cornish will be my 12th mara this year, usually do 4-6, really hate long runs so I just do maras to tick over, its what you do in between that matters i think, cross training, shorter races, I only do 25m on a big week, the only time I go over is when I do a marathon. I was 3.15-3.30ing for the 1st few this year,but the last 5-6 has been between 2.56-3.05 so must be doing something right, (weight loss) i have cut the rubbish miles and put quality running in. also did a 3 min, PB half 2 weeks ago at Stroud 1.20.00 (i know.....dont say it) and that was after doing eden and dartmoor vale maras the 2 previous weeks. so must be doing something right??

    As for next year I got Gloucter, Dutchy, Taunton, VLM, shakephere, stockholm, Dartmoor d, North devon, then train a bit for Berlin, well thats the plan. Was looking into galway or longford but flights/ferries are pricey as hell to ireland at the mo. I do fancy that Dingle mara, look forward to hearing about that one!!

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Muzza - I recommend Dingle for stunning coastal scenery - goes all around Slea Head Drive which is closed to traffic (pleases the American grockles no end).  Did the 50 this year but a negligent marshal didn't tell me to go up a road, around a cone, and back on the other side - I went straight by the entrance to that road - so after all that effort, Connor Pass, etc, I only did 49 miles image.

    25m on a big week?  Excellent - I don't feel so bad now.

    Taunton was the scene of my marathon PW - not going back there.

  • Ahhhh but you gotta go back to prove it wrong U cant just leave Taunton!!! I like that course! suits me.

    I wouldnt grumble about 49 miles but I do understand the frustration, If there aint marshalls I am rubbish, got lost at the SLaMM this year ended up doing 1.5m over, GRRRR! I dont know how I would cope with anything over 32m, only 50+ i really wanna do is comerades, think ill save up and do the 90th anniversary of it.

    Dingle sounds great, ill definatly do it at some point. If you like scenic did you do my local one last year? North devon?? mega tough but great scenery. its about 45-60 mins on ya usaul marathon, I did Davos and its almost as bad as that one. ha ha.

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