Snowdonia Marathon 2011



  • Morning allimage

    First run after snod today, 4mile recovery legs felt good still got a bit of a cold so wasn't happy when it started to rain!! Just told myself compared to what I ran in last week this was nothing!image

    Well back to early morning running next week ready for Conwy halfimage

  • TR 38 first 2 revoery runs were in vile weather and i really had to think what on earth was i doing!!!!  Today however normal service seems to have returned with not only the weather but the legs aswell.image  A gorgeous sunny cool morning for a nice 6 mile kayanos arrived yesterday so first trial run and all was excellent.....the new 17 model seem lighter and less brick like than usual... so think im gonna enjoy this pair!!!!!!!   Its a bit difficult to keep at recovery run pace after all the marathon pacing so was probably a bit quicker than i should have done but roll on next week if this is how quickly my legs recover.  I am even condsidering doing Gloucester in January ................image  I really must be ill imageimageimage

    Happy running this weekend everyone else on shift at work for the rest of it image

  • My first run today since last saturday, a steady 6 miles and it felt suprisingly good.Got a 10k in our village in 2 weeks which the legend Steve Cram is taking part in and doing the presentations so it should be good, then after that it is full on training for Brighton marathon in april.

    So oct 29th it is then,better start booking some accomodation, can't wait. 

  • Hello all, been following this thread for a while, just keeping quiet!! Ran Snod last year 4:14  and got round in 3:58 this year. Happy dayz...!! Snowdon is by far the best marathon I've run. Will be signing up again as soon as Jan 1st comes round..............Roll on. Hellrunner in Delamere tomorrow, think I've recovered from Saturdays fling.

  • Cheers for info re jackets folks..dont think I'll bother-managed last year without oneimage.-but then I was Nicola-I may well look into your suggestion, thanks

    Very gentle 9 miles for me this morning in beautiful sunshine..can hardly believe it is a week since Snod, just watched recording of it at friends house and it seema surreal.

    Anyone done Shakepeare marathon before? If so, does it sell out quick? Looking last night at doing Edinburgh or Windermere but my credit card melted when it sniffed the cost of entering themimage. I want to try to avoid repeating runs I've done before next year..except for the mighty Snod obviously, but the cost of some of these events is alarming so I may repeat White Peak mara again as it is so cheap and cheerful (although not the most inspiring along those cycle tracks) If anyone has top tips for a may/june marathon, I would appreciate them. Am based in Midlands so dont want to travel hundreds of miles.

  • Hello familiar and new faces alike.....

    ....those who know me will know that with a year of pre-Snowdonia talk I'll be changing the subject to off-road ultra's at regular intervals and trying to lure the unexpected to the dark side!

    ...those who don't.... lend me your ears.... I have just the thing to help you run a great Snowdonia image

    Did I read something about 7 ultras, T-rex? Must admit my planning is far less concrete, I really don't know what I'm doing next year, although I have at least 5 ultra which are probable certs as well as the C2C which will be 5in5 I guess. I've tested the old-style OMM Kamelieka jacket on several occasions this year and its held off everything thrown at it on some pretty windy and wet days.

  • Brer, have no idea how far away this is from you but might be worth a look. 

    North Dorset Village Marathon

    By the way I'm a maybe for next year, Berlin is my main goal for the year so will decide after Christmas if I will be able to run this a month later and put in a decent showing image

  • I have my eye on Marylborough Downs for 2012...also quite interested in Doyen of the Downs for 2011...not that I'm ever gonna do an ultra....just looking image

    Brer..what type of dog? I can definately vouch for a lurcher.....  they're placid and obedient and love running along side you and chasing squirrels and stuff.... Stan has made my miles seem so much shorter, simply love him.

  • Gonna see if this works.....Stan
  • hello all been out about 4 times this week and feel great after last wk.did a pb on my 8mile training run fri.and felt a lot more there.can i ask where and when is abington? mara and whats it like.also thinking of gloucester mara in jan any idea what they r like thx
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Can help here a bit:

    Shakespeare - excellent marathon, one of my favourites.  Although in April, always hot! There is a legendary 5-mile stretch of cindery cycle track in the latter stages called The Greenway which has been known to turn into a furnace, a crucible of suffering.  Fills up very quickly, so get entering asap. Traffic is bad getting to it and parking very expensive - suggest use P&R.

    Abingdon -  south of Oxford, mid-October. A PB course which always has a fast field - everybody chasing PBs, I suppose. A club runner's marathon.  Extremely well-organised, starts and finishes on a running track. Fills up very quickly.

    Gloucester - after a dull few miles of housing estates, 3 laps of an attractive rural loop (or 4 if you're doing the 50K!!), two minor hills each lap. PB course.

    All three of these I would rate as fast courses.

  • Many thanks for info on marathon suggestions folks, much appreciatedimage
  • My plans marathon plans for next year are: Paris in April, Mersey Marathon (if the organisation gets off the ground) and Snod in October.

    I may/may not* have been to Decathlon this morning and I may/may not* have bought a rather groovy new rucksack for long distance running. So I may/may not* still be contemplating entering the Lakeland 50 in July.

    *delete as applicable image

    Right, the time has come - I am dressed and ready to head out the door for the first time since my pathetic Snod withdrawal. Fingers crossed I am at last healed...
  • Hi all

    Frodo Hope your run went greatimage

    DE keep ultra talk alive.......haven't come over to the darkside yet but get closer every time you and the rest of the ultra nutters put up a report!!!image I think Frodo is closer than me to turning...........image

    T-rex Looking at doing a fast mara next year will take a look at those. Now I have a PB to beatimage

    Well back to running at silly o clock for the next week or so getting into half mara mode ready for Conwy. 0530 start in morning for a steady 6miler.

  • Did my first ever proper off roader today, not sure of distance as left Garmin at home, was out for a good 2 hours. Really enjoyed it, even though I had to hose myself down in the garden when I got home image

    You all turning into  the crazies, ultras, was 26.2 not bad enough??? imageimageimage

  • image *happy hobbit alert* image

    I can run again! It ain't pretty, and it ain't fast, but it's an awful lot better than sitting sulking on the sofa image
  • thx t-rex thinking of maybe 2 of them atb
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Yey! That's great news Frodo image
  • Fantastic Frodo no that feeling well!!!image

  • Hmmmm glad to see my posts continue to be bl@#dy invisible image
  • stret09 My first bit of off road was coming back into Llanberis last week!! thoroughly enjoyed itimagetrouble is where I live you got to run a fair way out of town before you get to any where of road. But think I'm going to try and find some local tracks that ain't concrete! Sorry if I haven't always responded to posts.....gets busy on here!! Well done on your time for snod by the way well impressed seen your pic as well you looked well focused.
  • Stret, have you looked at the Race the Train event in Twywn? 14 miles of off road madness in August. Great fun image
    Brer, Chrissi and I ran it this summer, and I definitely hope to give it another go this next year.
  • Bloody hell, I get waylaid with work and next thing I know you lot have been jibber-jabbing away and its taken ages to try and catch up! You even changed threads lol!

    Hello to all, new and not so new image

    * Frodo * wrote (see)

    Stret, have you looked at the Race the Train event in Twywn? 14 miles of off road madness in August. Great fun image Brer, Chrissi and I ran it this summer, and I definitely hope to give it another go this next year.

    Have had this one in my diary since you lot did it last time - sounded waaay too much fun!!

    I'm afraid off road and mud are my first passions - spent most of my long runs for SNOD on trail or fellimage

    If you think you are going to spend time off road I'd recommend investing in some suitable footwear, makes life a lot more pleasant! Inov-8's for me every time but there are loads of good shoes out there.

    Glad you are up and running Frodo, nothing worse than them gumpy hobbitses image

  • DM loves the mud and off road running...Inov-8 mudrocs here too image
  • There's a knees up after the train race too, with it being a Saturday event. We couldn't stay this year, but would like to next - pre-SNOD party anyone?

    I'm a Salomon XT wings gal image
  • Evening all,
    I know my original post was on the 2010 thread but that one seems to be flickering a bit now. Thanks for the kind words and the reassurances. I know deep down that I should be very proud of myself for doing what I did and and I will definitely be back next year, I should ignore these idiots or maybe even challenge them to race me next year.
  • I didn't post a reply on the 2010 thread, SS, but I reckon your critics are talking out of their asses. I have run a sub-4 flat marathon and I have also walked marathons as part of a multi-day event, and the fastest I could walk a marathon, again on the flat, was 5 and a half hours.

    Hope that puts things into context a little? You have an awesome achievement under your belt already, I think your target for next year is entirely reasonable image

    Why not invite your "friends" to join us? image
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    stret - have you ignored yourself accidentally??

    Yes, time to start looking forward now rather than back.

    New posters are always very welcome as we start cranking up towards SNOD11. I've ordered the snow.  I wonder if any more offroad bits are possible, just to close up the last bit of the loop ...  Perhaps ignore Waunfawr village and go straight up the hillside?

  • TRex- I understand that they are thinking of replacing the new offroad section with a new route incorporating Crib Goch. image 
  • Bet S4C wouldn't put a camera on that sectionimage

    Overtaking would be interesting though image

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