Snowdonia Marathon 2011



  • PS for those of you that walk on the hills I know this flies in the face of everything that you have previously held true - keep your feet dry at all costs, it took me a while to get my head round it when I first started tooimageimage
  • Thanks for some good advice. I guess going for non gore-tex will be a bit kinder to the pocket as well.I have got a pair of inov8 roclite390 (boots) that i use for walking, but i certainly wouldn't want to run in them. Next Question is do Inov8 do a good allrounder shoe with a bit of support as i do overpronate slightly. 
  • Hi folks, thank you so much for your kind words over stolen caravan, restores my faith in human nature. Trex-put the swine that nicked it about 15 miles ahead of me at Windermere and I'll run so fast to catch the git that I'll break the speed barrier.Not sure what I would do with him then thoughimage.

    Anyway, life goes on and am fed up of feeling back to good old banter about off crazy bunchimage. Hey Frodo-where did you get the heart from?? BTW-are you doing Race the Train again next year?

  • Heart symbol is an L (either upper or lower case) preceded and succeeded by colons : L : = image

    I plan to Race the Train, but I am also considering the Lakeland 50 two weeks before, so worry I may be a bit broken...image

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Lakeland 50??


    (You're a better hobbit than me.)

  • RR...i overpronate aswell and chose a pair of mizuno cabrakans as my off road shoe and i really do like fact i might even give them an outing this weekend .....there just happens to be a sneaky little 6 mile hillllllllly off road club race this weekend.......image  Hope the weather improves a bit though as it is bad out there tonight......First run back out with running club tonight and boy it was wild and windy and back to those big hills againimage  Was good fun though and felt good to be back with fellow club matesimage

    JD getting back into the swing of things slowlyimage  just havent got around to up loading my runs yet to get back to it if im seriously thinking of doing Gloucester image

  • Come on T Rex, you know you oughtta (even if you don't wanna). Frodo, respect.

    brer rabbit, I was really sorry to read of your predicament. I like your attitude though. Let the banter roll.

    Reydon Rover, in my experience and from what I have observed with many others, if you wear Inov8s, even if you didn't pronate before, you will, unless you are one of those lucky people that has Inov8-shaped feet. If your feet have any degree of symmetry about them (i.e. straight or, worse still, stick out on the little toe side) or you have a wide forefoot, forget it. Your feet and possibly other bits will get trashed. However if these characteristics are not yours, you may be lucky and they might just fit you like a glove.

    You might guess I have a problem finding shoes that fit. To be honest, none do properly. The result is over a dozen pairs in my collection (beat that, DE), most of which I cannot wear for serious running. My current most comfortable trail / fell shoes are La Sportiva Crosslite and Walsh Spirit Peaks, but I need to go 2 sizes too big to rid my toes of the infernal outside taper that afflicts all footwear. Result? Shoes that are too long get tripped over. I had to be really careful on last year's Lakeland 100.

    On a more relevant note, I've just been reliving SNOD 2010 as I've finally got around to writing my blog report. (There's also a report on the Runfurther party the week before, where we heard about Stephen Pyke's amazing Munro record, and where my orienteering skills came to the fore. Or not, as the case may be. Titter ye not.)

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Hi, nicola - it seems there is going to be a little bit of a SNOD reunion there, as well as, I understand, Marlborough Downs 33 and High Peak 40.  I'm afraid it won't be the shame short of atmoshphere at all in the quiet country lanes by the Severn, or afterwards.  Hic.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hi, BritNick - I'm deciding to eschew Lakeland in favour of various Welsh expeditions.  I've posted some of my plans, hopes, and dreams over on the "SNOD ultra runnig [sic]" thread in the "Gasp! Unconventional running" topic.  Which see.

    Interesting comments on your shoes.  Inov8 generally far too narrow for me.  I particularly despise the Terrocs.  I use NB because at least they have wide fittings in trail shoes, but like you have failed to find a comfortable shoe so far.  My Holy Grail is blister-free feet beyond the 40-mile distance.  I will keep buying shoes until I find perfection.

  • trail shoes - got some Mizuno x10s last yr but tho seem really comfortable gave up with then coz of endless blisters - even after just 30 mins if trying to push it. trying again this yr with compeed as prevention rather than cure and success so far - but not been further than 7 miles in them yet.

    will look out for inov8 etc but usually when i ask for shoes size 4 in the shops they look at me like i'm an alien !

  • Nothing like a shoe debate - one man's platinum is anothers laudanum image

  • TRex's blisters are legendary!!!!
  • NQ- go easy- I'm still going through recovery at the mo- mileage on the way back up, but all easy at the mo. Longest run for a while coming up on Sunday- 10mimage
  • Thanks for all the shoe advice. It took me long enough to find road shoes  that i really like so i guess trail shoes will be no different. I might go for the walsh spirit peak as they are a good price and seems like they do give you a bit of support.That will please the wife, another pair of trainers for the collection  
  • Hi all

    To many people to thank for all this off road info......but loving itimage going to use an old pair of my road shoes for a little foray in the hills me thinks tomorrow and find some mud!!!!image Then when I get paid next week will invest in a proper pair of off road shoes!!!

    Couple of 5mile runs for me this week plan on doing a 10miler Sunday some at half mara pace ready for next Sundays conwy halfimage

  • britNick- just read your race report,very good it brings it all back to me. How come there are no photo's of you giving it your all at the kareoke? 
  • Well, that's me entered for the Stratford Marathon in May image image
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    May?  Are you sure?  It'll be hotter than ever, then.

    Haven't been out running - got an achilles tendon issue at the moment - don't know what that's all about.

    It's funny how the mile or three of offroad on this one gives this thread such an offroad emphasis.  What about the 23 miles of road??  That bit seems to get ignored!!

    Nurse Gladys - nice of you to pop in.  Did you run SNOD10 in the end?  My blisters may be legendary, but it's fame I'd rather do without!  Going to be doing a lot of experimenting over the next year or so until I've eliminated the problem.  I've got lots of long runs and challenges I want to do and that one issue is hampering progress.  I'm planning to do HP40 btw so see you there!

  • nicola quinn 2 wrote (see)
    DM ....i think it would be fairly easy for me to talk myself into the marlborough 33 ....i dont even seem to need any helpimage  and as for Snod know you want to image  i mean who wouldnt image

    Lets do it ....  Marlborough that is... sounds like a reasonable distance to me.  I've sort of promised a friend I'd support him doing Great South Run which is the same weekend as Snod next year.... but his friendship isn't that important image lol!

    (((Brer))) What a bunch of assholes!!! My friend had his caravan nicked from a park too.... total tosspots!!! sorry...but it just makes me mad!

  • lol! forgot what that one did....
  • DM biggest worry is that i will get right and royally lost !!!!!  Im seriously not the best at map reading ......thinking i would definately need to find someone to run withimage 
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    I'm hoping to be there, although I got a little astray myself when I did it last.  Somehow managed to get on the wrong side of the Wansdyke onto some dodgy terrain.  No date for it yet.
  • DM - you always make me laugh, thank youimage

    RWMS-you and me doing a May marathon then..almost wish I had gone for Stratford now, it's just I liked the look of Windermere one cos it has nice views of hills!! Don't know what it is like otherwise.

    NQ-map reading, that is what puts me off the dark side least on a road marathon you just keep following the tarmac and signsimage.

    Hope all recovery runs going well, just done 12 miles in wind and rain but feel so much better for it, been a crap old week but tis over now-nobody died!!

  • Thats that sorted then.....its a threesome image
  • Always happy to oblige BR image
  • Sounds like a plan .....compass is now going onto xmas list image
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Yes, best to take one even if you don't know how to use it  lol

    It may yet clash with something else I do in mid-May time which sadly doesn't involve threesomes.

  • NQ2- get orienteering compass if you canimage. Oh, and don't follow T Rex whatever else you doimageimage Seriously though, map reading skills such as using tick off features are likely to be of more value to you than compass skills- unless you're planning on going over open country through thick clag....

    7m for me tonight- the furthest I've been since Snodimage

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Are all these recovery runs, jason?
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