Snowdonia Marathon 2011



  • Good going guys, you had a good day then?
  • Brer- a grand day outimage Hoping for same for tomorrow's seaside adventureimage
  • Brer a great day out...from great company to great weather a great course and for me a great time...happy days image
  • Finished my weekend double today with the multi-terrain 10m. No problems entering on the day as it happened. Ten miles of road, forestry, BIG sand dunes, mountain bike course, mud and a mile along the (soft) sandy beach! Haven't got any trail shoes, so ran in my Inov8 Mudclaws- bit of overkill- great on the dunes, but too sticky on the road. Really pleased to get 1:13 on a tough course the day after a hilly 10m road race thoughimage. Off to celebrate with a bowl of homemade mushroom soupimage

  • Jeus, been away for a few days and I haven't got the time to catch up on the thread! Did a nice freindly 8.4m cross countr racey at Avebury today, bit of mud and lots of fun. My training for next years snod includes Meon Plod, Grizzly, Terminator over the winter, and something called the Trionium Picnic Marathon in June along with various others. I'm working on the basis that Snod will be easyafter  the Picnic.....
    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Hi all

    Some great runs ning going on.

    T-rex  Hope injury is getting better........list looking good.image

    Chrissi  Hope your knee gets better soon, good to have you back.

    NQ  Great runningimage

    JD See you are flying again!image

    Well Conwy half went great fantastic race except for the first 2 miles got stuck behind slower runners was a bit frustrating. Finnished in 1:51:01 so pleased with that. Thanks to all who wished me luckimage 

    Going to take it easy now till new year as my leg still not 100%

  • TR38- well done that man!image Great going- especially with a dodgy leg- enjoy the rest!image
  • Wee done guys, good going yet againimage

    Chimney, I gather the picnic is a toughie..the others don't sound so nice either!!


  • JD .....well done on your run....thats a tough double.....the multi-terrain is such a good course and a lot easier with trail shoes.....brill time .....i think you deserved the mushroom soup image

    TR38...well done on your half marathon .....pheww ten miles was far enough for me dont think i would have got thirteen out of my legs!!!!!!  Have a well deserved taking it easy break and hope the leg improves. 

    Got a little bit of a sore leg myself after racing.....was fine yesterday and this morning but has gradually got sore throughout the day so an easy week here aswell......

    Hope everyone else has had a great weekendimage

  • Thanks guys

    When I say a break I just mean no hills and lower mileage for a bit!!image.........oh and maybe the dreaded dread mill!!!

     legs actually feel better today than they have done for  a while notsure what that is all aboutimage

  • OMG..I'm exhaustedimage Just made a shed load of cakes to sell tomorrow as part of my raising charity money for Windermere marathon. Tis much easier running 12 miles!! Anyone for lemon drizzle cake, chocolate brownie, cherry scone???? Donations to Brer 'Nigella' Rabbitimage

    Hope leg is getting better Nicola..could be a bit of a rest for all of us looking at weather forecast erm..Clowne Half for me on Sunday could be funtastic!

  • Brer- well done. Off cake myself at the moment- just had my low fat aubergine curryimageimage

    NQ- take it easy.....

    Legs a bit stiff today, but no probs. 6m recovery run tonight

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    jason - are you sure you're not turning into one of those vegans?  And remember there's absolutely no other marathon like SNOD ...

    nicola - didn't think you'd notice!  No good going backwards with these time targets ...

    My brother has just done the Cornish marathon which takes our marathon totals to: him 66, me 65 image.  I'll get him next year. 

    Morale a little dented at the moment but I'm sure I'll bounce back.

  • T-Rex  Just remember all of us who you inspired to run races like Snowdonia and will be advising, inspiring and entertaining with your adventures again this time round!!image

    Brer cake!!image

    NQ  Take it easy, you know what us runners get like when we cant runimage not good for the people who have to live with us!!

  • mmmmmmmmmm cake yes please

    T-Rex now come on you really can't be disappointed at 65 marathons image

    My Dr's appointment yesterday got cancelled and i cracked and went for a run last night - OK so only for 20 mins and on flat but first since SNOD attempt and didn't want to push my luck as knee didn't hurt and it felt sooooooo goood to be running again (never thought i'd feel that way you guys have totally corrupted me image)

    Anyway knee did hurt abit on morning uphill bit of dog walk and had trouble getting welly off after so went to alternative appointment today and Dr says i've just got some inflammation in my knee so came away armed with pain killers and told i can run but to not push to far to fast and avoid the hills until pain all gone.  Also need to do strenthening exercises too. 

    So joining TR38, T-rex and NQ on the got injury so can only do boring runs bench for a while still chin up could be worseimage

  • JD-how was the aubergine curry? Sounds delicious!

    Chrissi-glad you got a result..take it easy!

    Cakes flogged but there would have been more but for the fact I had an irrational purge to demolish 3 vast pieces of brownie for supper last night.. a WI recipe I can highly recommend so am sending virtual pieces to all in need of cakeimage. An extra big piece coming over to all runners in Conwy Half..recovery food.

    Now TRex..mojo will are an inspiration to us all. Have you had any advice from physio yet? Keep smiling!

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Chrissi - Yes, they could be!  I can't do chin ups at all.

    Thanks, TR38 - you're always so positive.  I'm sure I'll have plenty to entertain you with since I do have major plans in the next year or two for bigger challenges and there will be many ups and downs as I prepare for them.

    Haven't seen any healthcare professionals about my ankle in the end - I feel it was the shoes that I wore for SNOD that did it.  Rear of shoe too high causing stress on achilles tendon.

  • Mrs Chimney's birthday today so she'd made a small bakery's worth of cakes to take to work. Luckily she made too many and brought some home. Think I may have to spend the next few days running them off......If peoples are still hungrey after Brer's there are a few left

    Which I can do with confidence now. I'd had a problem with a knee since Snod which was starting to concern me so hadn't done much in terms of hills or speed. I gave it a bit of a hammering the last couple of days and everything seems to be working normally at last image . You're so right TR38, Mrs Chimney was getting as frustrated with my knee as I was!

    TR, Chrissi, hope your injury's come good as quick as mine has done.

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • T- Rex  Thats more like the T-Rex we know and love!!image

    Chimney Lol my whole family suffer with me when I can't run!

    Brer  Brownies sound Devinne.....image

    Talking about cakes my lad has had to bake cakes to sell for charity, he did very well considering he can burn baked beans on a good day!!! Not bad at all for an 18 year old student.......eaten 3 already at this rate I will have to buy the lot!!

  • Please ...please no more talk of cakes.....just so happened to be my birthday today and the amount of cakes and chocolates consumed was enough to keep a small planet alive for weeks!!!!!!  Good job i was carefull about what i ate at work todayimageimage  Best bit of the day is now off to bed to read my advanced marathoning book which arrived in my birtday pressies .....woohooooo happy reading.

    Glad everyone is feeling up beat and niggles are leg feels less sore but work prevails so no running until stuck with cross training for a bit longer image

  • Just thought I'd share this: imageimageimage

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  • imageWhat is going on with my legs image

    I finally feel well enough today to toddle out for a run, (had the lurgy / flu etc) and I fell over...AGAIN............3rd time since Snod ffs......NOT happy, very hurty, nothing too damaging but fed up of looking like a toddler with bloody knees and bruised elbows!!!

    The first two times were in races but this time was all by myself!  I think my headtorch may not be bright enough and tthat is perhaps a contributing factor but 3 TIMES in 2 WEEKS???????????? 

  • T Rex

    When you next do your Snod 2011 list, put me down for a sub 3.40, nothing like a bit of pressure.
    This a great thread, keeps me entertained on these long winter nights.

  • first snow of the year seen over here on top of north york moors this am. 7 miles, 1000ft but 100mins -will i ever get quicker? - too busy trying to admire the view.  thinking of doing captain cooks - new yrs day 5 miler, 1000 ft bt probably be last like i was 2 yrs ago - well someone has to make everyone feel fast!

    think i got an e-mail from parcel del service re undelivered parcel to america - which i hadn't sent - was this a scam too? fortunately i deleted it.

  • Andrea- what are you drinking on these runs????imageimage Were you offroad again?

    bit of speedwork on the track tonight for me- few miles warm up and 5x0.5m with 0.2m recoveryimage

  • Well i was offroad after my legs decided to be.........but at the time of falling I was most definetely on road!!!image
  • Andrea- any use to you?imageimageimage

  • Jason, any use to you ???? imageimageimage

  • Now now childrenimage

    Went out for run this morning leg felt stiff ended up cutting it shortimage

  • Phew, no snow here but tis very, very cold. A very brisk 9 miler hanging about!!image

    Andrea, leave the hipflask at homeimage

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