Tavy 7 - Cancelled

I've been keeping an eye out for the Tavy 7 as they returned my form last year.  Just discovered it has been cancelled this year and hopefully back next year. 

So looks like I need to find something else for November - maybe the Drogo 10 instead.

And hopefully Tavy 13 in April and the 7 next November.


  • Slo, check out Tamar trotters site, they have most up to date races in Devon/Cornwall area, it's a shame about tavy 7, gutted!! Would have thought with the reasons for cancellation they may have changed the date, but it's not that straight forward I know.

    Got Cornish marathon in nov, same day as drogo, bicton blister the wk after is worth a look! 4.5m or 11m races.
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