• Hey, I´m just volunteering my opinion.  Like you.

    But if you are the anon who posted on the book club threads on RW some years ago I think we have a history of your critical ability.

    You know fuck all about literature. It was there to see then.  And it´s there to see now.

    Have a nice day and dont presume to tell anyone how to write.

    Keep walking.

  • Here, anon, I'll just pick your toys back up for you shall I? image
  • Conversation is not closed

    Something else you're wrong about eh?

  • So ignoring the twerp, I've just passed 17k words. Written the part I was dreading from the outset, and neatly avoided having to comment on the three consecutive babies born in late August...wonder what happened in 19th century Redruth in November?
  • Twerp is such a good word, and underused, I feel.

    Well it's dark, and cold and what else are you supposed to do with no central heating?

  • Kwilter what is your goal in writing this ? image
  • I fancied doing something different, someone on FB reminded me about NaNo after someone in here mentioned doing it last year. I'm trying to say "yes, why not, what's the worst that could happen?" to as many different things as I can.

    As for the novel itself, I'd like to spend a year or so editing, and researching to see what other info I can get. It's based on my 4 x great grandmother's life, I'm a history geek...what can I say?

  • PH does it doesn't she?

    Kwilter with a K wrote (see)

     I'm trying to say "yes, why not, what's the worst that could happen?" to as many different things as I can.

     IM next then?

  • It was PH who mentioned it last year.

    IM...sure, why not, what's the worst that could happen? Apart from killing myself tryiing to find a wetsuit big enough to fit?

  • Where the hell have I said I want to publish what I've written? As for asking myself what content I should write about, as I've mentioned a couple of times, it's based on 10 years' meticulous research of SOMEONE'S LIFE. THE WOMAN GAVE BIRTH TO NINE CHILDREN AND BURIED THREE OF THEM. Is that clear enough for you? She was born in 1800 in Redruth and died there in 1840. Would you like my references for the parish records? Would you like the reference for her death certificate? Her children's marriage certificates? The census returns from 1841 to 1911?

    Shall I ask for the fourth time where we can read your published work? Shall I refer you to the Waterstones section on traumatic biographical books? Shall I carry on referring to you as a twerp and thinking you're a gobshite know nothing?

    Yeah, reckon so!

  • Just want to wish all the writers good luck, as long as you enjoy writing then have fun with it.

    I'm a published author ( well will be on Jan 1st ) and I was given a 5 week deadline by the publishing house that picked up on my blog. 90,000 words later, two re-edits and the book has gone to print, recording pre-sales in 20 countries round the world, and topping the pre-sales charts for sports biography.

    What I'm trying to say is, it's hard writing, but if you enjoy it......a bit like running, you might not be the best in the world but you can have fun doing it.

  • oh and Kwilter........caffeine and thyroxine were my drugs of choice as well image
  • Thanks Holgs, nice to hear from a real author. image
  • I hereby nominate Kwilter for an award for best post or one-liner.  image

  • Is that a short story?  imageimage
  • oh and kwilter, doing an IM is a doddle compared to writing a get yourself signed up......wetsuits come in all shapes and sizes image
  • <runs screaming from recruiting sergeants>

    I can't ride a bike without panicking, still can't lift my right arm above my head, and have an arthritic toe....and my passport expires in 2 years

  • you're making excuses to the wrong person......anyway get offline and get writing.
  • I wrote, broke 19k tonight. Didn't kill anyone this time, but a possible maiming*. image

    *Based on eyewitness accounts from the West Briton Newspaper of 1832, following a bal maid getting injured on the machine wheel of a tin mine.

  • Kwilter will we get an opportunity to read the finished work.  I think by the time you get to the end of the month you will have us all hooked.
  • Can you write in one of my ancestors Kwilts?... either the serial bigamist sailor (Wife in every port - literally!) Or one of the founders of the Bank of Australia who married a 14 year old at 62 and held off a bunch of bush rangers who had his farm under siege for 6 days killing 2 of them.
  • Yours sound more interesting than mine Corinth!

    Biziliz...not for public consumption until it's been seriously edited, like I said at the start of the thread, I've not written fiction since college.

  • Good thing your doing Kwilts - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • Just zoomed past 30,000 words.

    Nice part to write from here on in, happy, long lasting marriage, then move to Lancashire from Cornwall with lots of the extended family.

    Also done loads more personal research, looks like I've found yet *another* Jones line to follow up! That's 3 of the buggers now.

  • Kwilter

    do you treat it as a novel or as a biography?

  • Not sure to be honest! I'm trying to stick to the facts as I've researched them, but I've invented lots of stuff ... conversations for starters. I've also pinned events as reported in the newspaper of the time to "my" people. For example, there's reports of the local fair, I've no documentary evidence to say my peope went there, but I've written scenes saying they did, mainly so my hunky, muscular male lead can get his shirt off and be generally admired by the women watching image

    It's vital to the plot. Honest.

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