• 37000 and still going. Just added 500 more by having my main character read a letter from his brother in Mexico.

  • Currently past 42000.

    Struggled a bit with my current male main character. I've made him too damned nice, and can't find anything to say about him. I know he dies soon, and have found a great book with mine stats in for the period, he could possibly have lost his job as the local mine was closed down due to poor profits. It opened a couple of years later and was extensively refitted. I'm thinking of killing him by having a round bottomed bucket, known as a kibble, fall loose from its ropes and supports and come crashing to the gorund where it slides on thick ice towards poor Will. <sob>

    Come on sarah...where's your word count?

  • I've just had a peek at the NaNoWriMo homepage.
    I think it's a great idea. Presumably loads of people write really crap novels in a month, but if it means not watching Eastenders (or whatever) it can only be a good thing. Anything that gets you out and about, or thinking, or analysing or anything that isn't watching crap on TV gets a big thumbs up from me.

    Well done Kwilter!

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