Hellrunner Up North - what to wear

I've used to running marathons and Hellrunner is my first run off road and through the wet conditions that we've been told to expect.

Can anybody please give me some advice on what to wear? I was thinking of running tights rather than shorts and long sleeved top rather that short sleeved - is that wise when wet through or would I be better with less as the skin will dry off fairly quickly.

I don't have trail shoes but lots of old trainers and I've read you need to secure them tightly or risk losing them through the bog of doom. Does anybody know what mile that comes in at please?

Many thanks



  • Shorts (less is best on the legs IMO). Long sleeved top. Hat if it's cold. Gloves. Sense of humour.

    I wear my usual trainers and wash them thoroughly in cold water afterwards. Although they are never quite the same again!

  • Ok thanks - I was just trying to protect my legs from any brambles/nettles etc but by the time I get there they will be well trampled. Gloves sound good thanks.

  • I did Hellrunner Down South last year, I wore a thermal top (Millets), even though I got completely soaked and had to swim the Bog of Doom, it stayed warm, I also wore on my legs Lowe Alpine power stretch tights, again stayed warm when soaking wet, the only thing with those is they held onto the water a bit and got slighty heavier!! But all the time I keep going I was OK, just got cold at the finish once I stopped. Best of luck with it, its a very different event, keep smiling even when it gets tough!!
  • Ok thanks - It's the unknown to me so rather than push for a time I'm going to enjoy it and hope to come out injury free. Just hoping my trainers stay on!
  • As little as possible given it will be caked in crap and soaking wet pretty quickly!

    Skin is waterproof

    The only time I felt cold was in the last mile after wading through, and falling headlong into the bog of doom. Almost wish I was doing it this year after the fun last year. Never laughed as much on an event!

    I'd seriously forget about your time too!

    There is a bog about half way round that is waist deep and has the consistency of porridge. You need a kindly hand from a fellor runner just to be get out again... this is not a PB course!

    I wore a standard pair of Asics 2150 last year and simply binned them afterwards they were that bad!

  • Ok thanks - I'm really looking forward to not going for a time. There are 8 of us travelling 100 miles to get to this event so really can't wait for the fun of it.
  • Not much point in going for a time anyway cos its not a course you repeat very often ?  I'd try and get a good start on the hill though - as then there will be less waiting round later in the race. If you;re at the back theres a fair bit of walking as the obstacles slow people down a bit.

     I'd go for helly hansen long sleeve, shorts, and cycling mitts for grabbing hold of branches and stuff.

    Dont wear decent road shoes as they'll be fit for nothing after. Trail shoes seem to shrug the mud off better though.

  • I would agree with cougie, I wore Mizuno Wave Riders 4, as they have very good tread especially for mud, and I felt very sucure in them, have just upgraded this year to wave rider 5's, waterproof soaks might be good as well, like seal skinz
  • Enjoy - it's just up the road from me. Don't understand people that throw stuff out - if fell runners did that every time they got dirty, they'd soon have no shoes and no gear. And that wouldn't be a pretty sight.
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