Adidas Adizero Tempo's

Bought a pair of these last week after gait analysis and recommendation at Sweat shop.

I have worn them 3 times now and first impressions are very good. Comfortable and fast. no blisters or black nails!

Just wondered if anyone else is using these and what the long term prognosis is for mileage/usage etc. I have some Adidas Supernova sequence 3 as well for long runs and bread and buttter running.


  • im considering purchasing some of these; whats your gait like? weight etc?
  • 11 stone  fore foot runner, fairly neutral but left foot slightly over pronates.

    Really impressed so far but worried how often to use them! Maybe save for races and 'speed work'

    I had some Nike Lunar glides 2 before which were giving me black nails and blisters.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Sorry DM, I can't help either.

    I've fancied a pair of Adizeros but don't know the difference between them all. Which are the fastest / minimalist ones and which have the most padding? Anyone know?

  • I believe that the Tempo's are the one shoe in the Adizero range that Joe averages can use. They are a very light racing shoe but still have some stability properties and plenty of fore foot cushioning. They are ok for mild pronators.

    The other shoes in the range i.e Boston etc are more geared towards elite athletes and efficient neutral light runners as they have minimal cushioning and support.

    That said the tempo feels pretty stripped down.

  • I have used the tempo shoe. They are a relatively hard ride and have some support. Myself, I would not use them too often as they are a touch too hard for regular use.

    I have also used the boston, the orange ones, and they are fine if you are striking with your forefoot but if your gait breaks down (as you get tired) there is no support there to help.

    Have taken the Adizero LT shoe up to 20 miles, on a multi terrain race too. Worked well too.
  • Keir - Tempo and Boston are similar in weight, i.e. lightweight trainer/racer, with Tempo having support for overpronation and Boston being neutral. Adios are neutral but lighter race shoe, what Haile uses for the marathon. Then there's Ace - even lighter? Not sure...
    I'll be getting a pair of Tempo next time I've got my Sweatshop vouchers with me, for faster training and possibly marathon racing. I'm not as light as Haile!
  • Just bought my second pair..very red! Racer trainer stock, a la Asics DS Trainer - perfect for 10 mile races and above for people like me..6 foot 2, 12 stone.

    Hopefully will help me to a half PB at Bedford in December.....

  • I'm 11 stone and wore my Adios around GSR with no adverse effects. Nice comfortable shoe. I'll only use them for speedwork and racing though.
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Cheers for the advice guys. A shoe shopping trip for me then! image
  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭
    What PhilPub said. Tempo and Boston very similar but Tempo have a bit of support. Adios even lighter, and the Pro are basically slippers image

    I'm not sure I could even manage a 100 metre race in the Pro. I ran my Mara in Spring in the Bostons though - top shoe. I got about 500 miles out of mine too for info. A few of the lads on the sub-3 thread use Tempos as their 'standard' training shoes too, sometimes rotating with a slightly heavier pair such as Saucony Jazz or similar. So if they feel good to you then as long as you're sensible you should be fine to do whatever you want in them really.

    Oh and I can strongly recommend the Adizero XT Trail shoe too - superb image
  • i wear my tempos for longer distance races (half marathon, marathon) and longer distance training runs

    for shorter distance work & races (5k, 10k) i wear adizero mana (which are a racing shoe but still with support)

    can't say i've had a problem with either, so far, although the lacing system really is utterly horrible - sort it out adidas!
  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭
    Interesting re the laces. They came out of the box with the laces going over the top and then down through the eye holes (if that makes sense?) I completely unlaced mine and re-did them so they were laced going upwards through the eye holes - made it far easier to loosen/tighten them up. Hope you follow that!
  • thanks - i will have a look when i get home and see if they need this doing
  • Really rate the Adidas Boston 3 shoe - extremely versatile shoe and you get plenty of miles out of them. They could be used from 5k up to full marathon IMO. Word of caution, go 0.5 of a size up if you buy them. They come up small. I wore Boston 3s for Bournemouth Marathon and they were excellent. They gave me adequate support all race. I had no niggles or anything afterwards. Hard to explain, but I think I run better in them than almost any other shoe. They are also super grippy in the wet thanks to Continental grips. I am going to stock up with a few more pairs before they become obsolete. Hate it when you can't get your hands on shoes you love anymore. for the record, I tried the Adios 2 but did not like them compared to Boston 3s. They felt very stiff and didn't offer much support. Would not wear them for any longer than 5 miles.

  • I was looking at the adios 2 or the adios boost, anyone currently wearing any of these? Is there much difference between them and the tempos?

  • Bostons will be getting Boost technology in September so will be a very different shoe. Adios is being discontinued from July, but the Adios Boost will continue. I'm racing and doing speedwork in Adios Boost, fantastic shoe, decent amount of cushioning for such a lightweight shoe

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