Welsh Triathlon Day Licences £8

Had a letter from Welsh Traithlon, events that they sanction in 2011 will have a minimum day licence cost of £8.,( was £2 this year) Its up to race organisers how much they actually charge, so for a lot of races its likely to be a tenner. Its meant as a push to get more people to join British (& Welsh ) Triathlon.

 There is some exemption for 'novice' events, but I dont know what classifies a race as 'novice'.

 I believe that for English Triathlon sanctioned events its only going to be £3.

 Just something to have in mind when you are planning next years races. For the race I organise (Blaenafon) it will mean almost a 20% hike in entrance fees for non BTA members, how this will effect entries I dont know. For some really cheap races it means that the cost will almost double for non BTA racers. A local aquathlon series I race in might now become £18 per race!


  • I think English tri has been £5 for some years not £3? but I've been a BTF member for some years so the day licence charges has passed me by as it doesn't affect me

    how do Wales Tri justify the hike from £2 to £8?? that seems unrealistic
  • I think I won't bother joining this year as i won't do that many races and I have had my share of silverwareimage
  • Seren surely your going to add to your ever growing list of Welsh Champ medals, was it just the one this year?

    Justification is to try to drive up membership numbers and therefore attractiveness to potential sponsors to try to cover an expected funding reduction. There would be a £5 discount for a day licence buyer who went on to take up membership.

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