iPhone 4 clock bug

I'm having a heated debate over on F***book....

MY phone (which is not an iPhone) updated its clock during the night when they went back, correctly, and then woke me an hour EARLY on Sunday

There is a story in the paper about iPhone users saying their phones woke them an hour LATE after the clock change.... I don't get it? Surely, as the clocks went back, if it handled it wrongly, it'd wake you an hour EARLY, just as my phone did?

Can anyone explain how this works?


  • I mean....

    If the user sets their alarm for 8am (as I did) wanting to be woken at 8, it either stores that as "08:00", or as "08:00 BST".

    The the clocks automatically go back during the night, and the newpaper comfirmed that the iphones did this (and so did my phone).

    So if it stored the alarm time as "08:00" it would wake me when the clock says "08:00" which is what I wanted.

    If it stores it as "08:00 BST", then the next morning, the clocks have gone back to GMT, so the clock says "07:00" when it wakes me at 0800 BST, which is an hour EARLIER than I wanted.

    How could the iphone be waking people up LATE?

  • Just me then....
  • you need to get out more
  • Had a look on various forums, half the iphone users are claiming it woke them up early, the others say late... I think the "late" people are just making it up
  • I just find it interesting that I haven't seen a coherent explanation in any of the newspapers, they just parrot the story from each other
  • Mike - I have an i-phone, and this morning my alarm went off an hour late - I have no idea how or why it happened, Monday morning was fine.  I checked my phone this morning, the time is correct, my alarm was set for 7.30, yet it went off at 8.30?  I am totally baffled.  I'm just gonna restart it and set a second alarm just in case!

     I get what you are saying about how it should have woken me an hour earlier, but I promise you I'm not making it up! 

  •  No, no, I'm just teasing about the "making it up", but as a software person, I find it very hard to see how it can wake people up late  - - - my phone woke me up EARLY - - - and I'm baffled also that there is no reasonable explanation in the papers.
  • Well i'm as far removed from a software person as I can get, but I'll be following this thread to see if anyone can find an explanation!  I just thought I was going mad!

  • Where's Mava?
  • Perhaps the iphone software was incorrectly overcompensating?

  • looks like it
  • I think the clock part was working fine and displaying OK - but the alarm bit was a seperate function/subroutine/whatever and thats what went wrong ? 

    And it was only a certain OS version as well.  Whatever happened to the simple times of wind up alarm clocks eh ?

  • That's what I have - an old-fashioned wind-up alarm clock with big bells on top. It stands on the other side of the bedroom on an old metal dinner plate. Bloody thing sounds like a fire alarm but it works image
  • combo of phone (not an iphone, but a 2003 Nokia) and digital radio tuned to Radio 4 wakes me up, usually out of bed by the update on the previous days parliament at about 6:45
  • It says "Although Apple does not elucidate on the reasons, the bug is thought to occur because the alarms are set relative GMT, and fail to account for the local time changing"

    and as I said, if the alarm was set in GMT, then it would wake them up an hour early

    whereas people have said it actually woke them late

  • See this problem made it onto Watchdog last night.

    Apple are to release a software update to sort it out soon
  • today i wake up an hour late due to alarm...

  • image

    Errr... more like 18 months late?

    I just love ironic spam.


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