Water of Life Half-Marathon

I'm registered and looking forward to it image


  • Me too! I did the inaugural WofL in 2009 but missed this year's through injury.  Probably my favourite race (not for me the crowded streets of Reading on the same day), and my favourite organizers.
  • is this definitely flat? having done Henley and Bedford recently I need to find a PB course....
  • Well it's flat, but not good for PBs - it's run along the Thames towpath and so has kissing gates, other gates, members of the public and their dogs trying to share it with you. Having said all that, if you can cope without worrying about a PB it's a beautiful scenic run, and if blessed with the usual occult Purple Patch ability to command fine dry weather it's a knockout! I must sign up ... Hi there Muttley, how's it going?
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Well hello there RHR ... Not going too well at the mo I'm afraid, have a problem with the back of my feet in the heel area, they're really sore after each run. Am struggling on but feeling very slow and sluggish due to aforesaid niggle and recent snow on ground.
  • Sounds not good. I've done a pathetic amount of running in the last 2 weeks, but that's because it's been cold and I'm a wimp. Mind you, running in the deep and crisp and even on Xmas Day was a new enlivening experience! (Made up for all those mince pies afterwards) Hope your heels improve in time for this one.
  • Hi if any one is thinking of dropping out of this one PLEASE let me know I would love to run!!!!
  • I'm doing this as part of my VLM preparations. Is the route off-road all the way, and thus OK for trail shoes?
  • I did it last year and if it is wet trail shoes would really help. Its off road apart from first and last mile.
  • I am doing it

    was going to do reading same day, but ten years of hiking to the start line, feeling like i was at glastanbury at the start and then walking back to my car miles away. stuff it. this is the one for me. and a tenner cheaper

  • If anyone needs a place in this, please send me a pm.
  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭
    Has anyone received their race pack yet?
  • I've entered for the 10k as the half was full. They're saying on their website that the packs were sent out for both on the 9th.
  • No race pack yet.

    I'm really looking forward to the race this year having done the 2010 run: a great atmosphere, small enough to feel special, wonderful marshalls and outstanding views. Plus a short hill or two! Should be good prep for the Paris Marathon.

    For those who've not run it before, here's last year's course.
  • I still need a number fishyweb if you still have it!
  • I have received my number. Due to injury, it is up for grabs. One person has already expressed an interest, but the deal is not yet closed.
  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭
    Panic over, my race pack turned up on Friday so looking forward to it now image
  • did a half today, this tomorrow

    no pb then tomorrow. enjoy the run
  • I just ran most of this course today (Marlow to Henley and back on the Thames) and it is is definitely muddy underfoot. I tried the route in January and it was so muddy that an out and back became an out and find a different way back. I had hoped that it woudl be better today and it was defnitely better than the winter but way off being good, flat and fast.
  • Hi Phil - do you think trail shoes are going to be better for tomorrow

  • Thanks for the warning Philip, sounds like last year's course. Feel sorry for those of us churning away at the back!
  • Turned out as good underfoot, I thought, so I could have done with slightly less clunky shoes. And I did a PB, so the potential of this race may be underrated on that score. Enjoyed it, apart from the last mile or so, which seemed to go on and on.
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