Newcastle Dales Dash 10K

Any one up for this one?  It's a great race and really well run.  For more info take a look at Bryan Dales web site

Brillian race have now run this for the last 3 years.


  • I'm doing it. My father in law just told me about it & we are both going to do it. Am visiting them that weekend so will do the race - so it will be a family outing! Good to hear its a good race.
  • Jovi, there is a nice visitors centre next to the start where your family can wait in the warmth.

  • Thanks for info B'ham Snail
  • Hello,
    Could anyone give me more info on this one. I've looked at the race photos which look fab, but they also look like the majority of the race is up hill.
  • I spoke to the race organiser the other day due to a confusion re my number so asked about the hills. From what he said there are quite a few of them but I dont think anythign too mountainous - although don't quote me! LOL
  • There are a few hills but nothing too bad

    Hopefully the weather will have calmed down by then otherwise the race must be doubtful

  • Yes right about the weather. Haven't been able to run since last Friday, but have stuck to walking instead, it's been soooo frustrating. I seriously considered joining a gym, but will give it a few more days, fingers crossed for the weekend.
  • As things stand, it is looking like I will probably not make the race. My car is still snowbound in my village in Yorkshire and given current conditions dont think it will be venturing far from the house in the next few days so looks like even if the race is still on I won't be heading south this weekend. Really disappointed as I was looking forward to it.

     Thankfully there's lots of snowy paths and tracks around my neck of the woods so I have been able to get out for a couple of sunny/snowy runs in the last few days in between blizzards!

  • I will be there. Looks like its going to be a slippy race!
  • Its going to be damp

    Lets hope theres not freezing temps overnight

  • Bryans Pics

     Results on Bryan Dales website along with some great picturesimage

  • Thanks B'ham Snail and mugpunter32 for giving Racephotos a plug.  Really appreciate it.

    Walt, Graham and myself took 1.000 photos which have now all been uploaded onto Racephotos.

    A big thanks must go to Pete Wells and Bill Barker, the joint Race Organisers for their hard work in making the race such a success and getting a record entry.

    Since Sunday, the website has had nearly 3,000 hits which is fantastic.

    All the best to everyone in your training and future races.

    Thank you.


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