Rest days?????

Hey guy's and girls.

I was hoping to get some feed back from you all as regards to training.

I have recently started "properly" training for the Brathay Windermere marathon 2011 that I have just signed up for and along with the new found enthusiasm - that the wife would argue was always there "are you going running again?" I hear a lot from her, I am questioning the 'REST' days on my training schedule.

1) Do you have to take them?
2) Is it ok to run 6 or even 7 days a week?

I understand the need for muscles, bones and joints to recover, repair and rest, but if you feel like running is it ok to?

Obviously, the rest days are normally welcome, but I am just wondering for the odd day that I would rather run, than chill out. If this has any bearing on the question, I am about 17 stone in weight and 6 ft 3" and been running for about 7-8 months, current weight loss since January 2010 is 46 KG.

Cheers for the advice,



  • You've lost 46KG? By heck, well done!

    ...though, are you sure you don't mean lbs?

    With regards rest days, I had a go at running 7 days a week for a bit - I ran out of enthusiasm and energy pretty quickly and totally lost my running mojo for a few weeks.  I generally find I do best at 5 times a week max, but everyone is different!

  • I have actually heard a few other people say the same thing about the enthusiasm so will keep an eye on it.

    Nope, 46KG, I used to weigh 150 KG, but now 104KG. My doc is well pleased as is the family.


  • perhaps have one or more days a week where you do some cross training?

    cycling/elliptical trainer/lift weights/rowing machine?
  • if you want to become a faster runner, you really need rest days.

    at a very simple level, when you train you break down your body a little bit, and when you rest, it repairs itself more strongly.  this is more critical in gym bunny iron pumping exercise, but still applies to running etc too.

  • Well done that man!!  Also, you wouldn't want to get injured from overtraining and be unable to run at all.

  • Scott.

    I got from 18 stone to sub 2.44 marathoning by building up training gradually.

    The one rule i always stick to is at least one rest day a week (even in my biggest matathon prep weeks). I'd add a "double" day before i'd lose my rest day. Sometimes i want to get out (sun shining, feeling good etc) but i restrict that feeling - a rest is better than a session in a structured plan.

    Sounds like you have made great progress - keep up the good work and all the best for the Mara in 2011! 

  • Thanks very much for all the advice and tips, very much appreciated.

    Paddy U.R.M. sub 2:44 run, damn in my dreams but I will get there one day.

    I like the idea of doing some cross training, and agree it is always good to mix things up a bit.

    Cheers guy's and all the best in your next runs.

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