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To the RW people -

I remember how in the old site, you used to have a separate listing of all the year's marathons, which was really helpful (or, rather, simply interesting, because all I was doing was looking). As the Events listings that are currently on this site only ever go three or so months into the future, I'd like to request a little more clairvoyance from you.

For example, I'm interested in running a half next spring, but none come up in the Events listings yet. Still, halfs such as Bath have already started the application procedure, so by the time it gets listed in Events, all of the places will be gone. So, is there anyway that you can include a page of links to all of the major marathons (and even halfs, oh please!), like you did before?



  • Yep, I'd support this as well.
  • Hey RW guys, any thoughts?
  • Hi - just a thought, surely there must be a web site out there with all the events listed? Here in Germany there's a brilliant site that lists all races for the year, divided into the different Federal states, so if you want to find, say, a half-marathon in October in Bavaria, you just click on the state and the month and the listing pops up complete with web addresses and often an Internet entry form too. There's similar sites for the German road biking events calendar and the Triathlon Union too. So maybe one of you wants to do a web search for such a site in Blighty?
  • Try

    You can enter a lot of the races online through the site too.
  • The events listings on the website currently have entries until April 2003. And if you're a Runner's World subscriber you have full access to these listings. Obviously our goal is to make the events listings as comprehensive as possible, but for this we rely on the race organisers to give us as much notice as possible so that we can list their event as early as we can. If they don't tell us when their race is, we can't put it in! And even some of the big races due to take place in 2003 have yet to set the exact date/time/price etc. Having said that we'll continue to work to get as many events as possible on to the system as soon as possible.
  • I took out a subscription a few weeks back and can access the special bits - I just went to the events search and can only see Marathons to November 2002!
  • Thanks Rob,
    As I'm not a subscriber, I guess I won't be able to see as far ahead as I'd like then. Ah well.
  • There are very few marathons in Britain between November and April.

    Luton is usually December but they haven't responded to requests for information.

    There are no other marathons in January, February and as far as I am aware none in March either.

    There are usually marathons in April but none of the organisers have sent details yet.
    As soon as they do, we will put them up on the website.
  • Lochaber marathon 27th April 2003.

    I should definitley get a job with the tourist board!
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