VoTwo JCC 2011 - Kit

Hi All,

Looking to buy a Camelbak for next years Jurassic and would like your opinion on this one here

Race notes advise preparing to carry around 5kg of kit inc 500ml+ fluids/waterproof top/base layer/hat/gloves/torch/whistle/maps/compass/phone. Will add a space blanket to that as well just in case.
2L seems more than enough bladder capacity, presuming I can only half fill it if needed, and will be handy for future events no doubt. The same applies to the storage capacity .. 18L if needed but preferably used zipped up and packed tight.
I've practiced on a few 10 milers with a packed 10L rucksack and 5kgs of weights/water bottles but as of yet have not run with a dedicated hydration pack. 

This is my first venture into the marathon+ world and would really appreciate the advice




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