PSP22 and caffeine...?

Hi guys,

Been using PSP22 on and off for a few years now, and it's a really good drink, though mainly as a before and after - never during. is PSP22 still good as a "during" drink, if i'm only going approx 10-12miles? i know there is little sugars in it, so how quick does it get inside of you and start working?

just ordered 2.7kgs of the stuff so should get that next week. only £24!!! anyway, was wondering whether it might be worth crushing up 1-2 pro-plus tablets and dissolving in a 500ml mix of PSP22? kinda like the caffeine lucozade has...well...caffeine in it!

currently only going to use the PSP22 on the longer runs, anything over 10 miles really. been doing 11-12 milers with just water and you really notice it if you get a drink with sugars in it.

thanks in advance for any help guys.



  • you should be looking at fuelling for 18+ mile runs - you don't need anything at all for a 10/11/12 mile run

    you simply aren't using the amount of calories in a ~10 mile run that would justify fuelling in this way

    from what (limited) i know about PSP22:

    PSP22 is a carb loading drink - and ideally is used to load up before a long distance run (ie. a marathon) - "during" you should be drinking an isotonic drink, and even then you don't need it unless it's very hot or you're running longer than 10//11/12 miles

    PSP22 isn't a recovery drink either, like "Rego" is - so it's no good on it's own for recovering after a session

    the caffeine, however, will help

    my personal advice is to ditch the crap - or buy something more suitable - but keep the pro plus - and even then, you don't really need that...
  • ok thanks for the helpful response. i am looking to up my miles, though still want to stay relatively sharp on the speed front. usually just do 9miles or so on a tuesday, intervals on a thursday (e.g. 10x800m reps with 90secs rest), 11-12miles miles saturday (did 13 today though) and then a gentle 4-5 miler on sundays. used to do lots of speed work (particularly track work) but now beginning to prefer the endurance side of things so may start upping to 15miles or so. did 13 today without any issues and felt absolutely fine. legs not even tired.

    generally, my long run routes are very hilly, so pace is quite slow so i'm out for over 90mins (though not by much), personally i do feel better if i take some form of energy drink, than just water. but either way, i'll only use psp for the long stuff and see how it goes.

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